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  • Scecina partners with Johnson-Melloh in environmentally friendly Sun Bandit project

    By Beth Murphy, Director of Marketing Communications

    If you flew above Scecina and looked down, you would get a glimpse of the latest energy technology.

    Situated in the form of a cross atop the athletic Blockhouse, on the east side of the campus, are seven solar panels. The panels will provide 3,000 kilowatt hours of power each year for a 100-gallon water heating system. The cross is an obvious sign of the faith that Scecina is built upon. The Sun Bandit solar system was installed ... Read More

  • Inspiring 9/11 Mass at Scecina brings together firefighters, students, community

    By President Joe Therber

    Dear Friends,

    The three numbers 9/11 probably carry huge meaning to you. We remember where and with whom we were on the morning of September 11, 2001. We remember the shock, the sadness, the anger.

    This week at Scecina, thanks to the Emerald Society of the Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD), we hosted the IFD 9/11 Commemorative Mass. After several years of having this 9/11 Mass at a local church, the Emerald Society wanted to have it at a school this year. 

    Why?... Read More

  • Scecina alumnus gives Sept. 11 homily: 'It’s a day for healing and it’s a day our country remembers'

    On Sept. 11, 2018, Scecina Memorial High School hosted Mass to commemorate the 911 events with the Emerald Society of Indianapolis and officials of the Indianapolis Fire Department. Father John McCaslin, Scecina Class of 1985, officiated at the Mass and Deacon Gary Blackwell of the Class of 1978 gave the homily. Father McCaslin is pastor of St. Simon the Apostle Catholic Church. Deacon Blackwell serves at Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church. 

    Here is the full message delivered by Deacon Blackwell, who also is an Indianapolis firefighter: ...Read More

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