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1. Make the Catholic faith more meaningful, vibrant, and reflective of diverse cultures for our students.

During 2012, the Catholic Education Foundation, a third-party organization with national
experience, assessed the vibrancy of our Catholic Culture and offered several commendations
and recommendations. As a result, we are:

  • Re-instituting underclass retreats
  • Developing a summer orientation experience for incoming students and families whose backgrounds do not include experience in a Catholic school environment
  • Developing an ongoing and intentional faith formation program for all school staff
  • Reviewing and updating our Christian Service program in the context of existing service activities and the updated school mission, vision, and values.

2. Maximize enrollment in accordance with our mission, vision, values, and educational priorities.

  • We are setting a challenging and visionary enrollment goal for the year 2023. To help us reach this goal, we are making a concerted effort to identify and promote the Top 10 Value (or Selling) Points of a Scecina Memorial High School education. We are consulting with student leaders, parent leaders, school staff, alumni, and our Board of Directors to establish these points, and then we will educate our publics regarding these points and opportunities to communicate them.

3. Develop an inspiring campus that supports excellent Catholic education, stewardship, and community engagement.

  • The first priority in this realm is to develop a mission-based Facility Master Plan that supports the attainment of school ministry priorities.
  • Our Board of Directors has retained a professional architect, who specializes in Catholic school and parish design, to collaborate with school leadership to develop a Facility Master Plan that reflects our 10-year vision. Twenty-five group interviews with stakeholder leaders are complete.
  • Our timetable includes seeking archdiocesan approval of the Facility Master Plan in the spring of 2014.

4. Create and sustain a culture of high expectations and high support.

  • We are developing a vision of a Scecina Memorial High School graduate at graduation. This vision will include spiritual, intellectual, moral, social, and other dimensions. We are starting with a review of Father Thomas Scecina’s life and values so that the Vision of the Graduate at Graduation aligns with our school namesake’s faith and character. In addition, we are gathering similar examples from (arch)diocesan and other Catholic high schools throughout the country.
  • The ethical, effective, and efficient use of technology by students and staff is critically important today. Therefore, a priority is to complete the development of our school Technology Plan and to incorporate early elements of the plan into the 2014 – 2015 school plan and budget.

5. Fund current programs and strategic priorities through Advancement and other revenue-generating initiatives.

  • A 2013 – 2014 implementation priority is to meet the financial need of students who participate in the Godparent Program. Students who receive the benefits of the Godparent Program agree to work 60 hours per year for Scecina Memorial High School while maintaining positive academic, behavioral, and attendance records and fulfilling their community service program participation.
  • Additionally, we will engage our Board of Directors, Board committees, and school staff through the annual budgeting process in the hope of identifying opportunities to generate additional income and/or to share resources and costs through partnerships with other organizations in our community.

6. Achieve excellent student preparation for college and career success and lifelong learning.

  • Our initial implementation priority is to establish Scecina Memorial High School as an innovative, mission-based academic leader. We seek to maintain the State of Indiana “A” school rating, which is based on a school’s performance and progress pertaining to standardized testing (End of Course Assessments), graduation rates, and college and career readiness.
  • We have installed the first year course of a four-year biomedical sciences curriculum as part of our commitment to enhance students’ learning and opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). To deliver this enhancement, we are partnering with Project Lead the Way, a national STEM leadership organization headquartered in Indianapolis.
  • To improve continually, another priority this year will be to develop a survey instrument through which recent high school graduates can share their feedback relative to the quality of college and university preparedness that they received during high school.

7. Develop strategic partnerships to fulfill Strategic Growth Plan priorities.

  • Based on research into our students’ career aspirations, we will transition during the 2014 – 2015 year into building strategic partnerships to enhance our students’ education and to engage Scecina Memorial High School further in the Indianapolis community.

8. Strengthen the future viability of Scecina Memorial High School.

  • During 2014, we will identify the financial and non-financial metrics that are most important for short-term and long-term school health. We will then build goals for these metrics into a multi-year business model for our school.