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A Thanksgiving message: Scecina exists because of you!

With Thanksgiving upon us, I want to convey a word of thanks and appreciation from everyone at Scecina, for you and what you do to help and support our school.

The fact is often impressed upon me that certain things in society are mandated or required. For example, the United States government is required to have three branches — executive, legislative, and judicial. Businesses have constitutions and by-laws that govern their operating procedures. States and towns across our land have laws and rules to regulate commerce, communications, and traffic. Earners of wages and salaries must pay taxes to support the common good. 

Scecina Memorial High School, however, is different. No law requires that we exist, which is one of the extraordinary aspects of our school. While we do not have to exist, we DO exist. We exist thanks to the voluntary choices that donors, volunteers, students, families, teachers and staff members, archdiocesan officials, and other friends make every day. We exist because so many have felt a special calling from God to support our mission to educate young people in spirit, mind and body.

While I was on the Archdiocese of Indianapolis staff, an important volunteer leader often described the strength of Catholic parishes and schools by saying, “We have something far greater than the power to tax. We have the power to ask.” And ask we do because ask we must!

For responding to our ongoing requests for prayers, volunteerism, advice and counsel, advocacy, enrollment, engagement of many kinds, and financial support, thank you very much!

We’re blessed by the gratitude that resides continually in hearts and minds throughout the Scecina Community. It is visible through the work of countless hands and feet now and throughout the year.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Joe Therber