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Academic Super Bowl

In the Regional Academic Super Bowl competition the Science, English, and Math teams placed first. The Social Studies, Fine Arts, and Interdisciplinary teams placed third.

The Science team members were Ada Qu, Bo Leszcynski, Nick Sitzman, and Galen Monroe.
The English team members were Corinne Maue, Zach Burck, Olivia Page, and Sammie Smith.
The Math team members were Carrie Gao, Jacob Marshall, Luke Manley, Ada Qu, and Jenna Nosek.
The History team members were Bo Leszcynski, Caroline Sausser, Josh Sitzman, and Nate Smith.
The Fine Arts team members were Emily Coffee, Sammie Smith, and Olivia Page.
The Interdisciplinary team members were Bo Leszcynski, Corinne Maue, Zach Burck, Galen Monroe, and Caroline Sausser.