• Scecina Teacher Spotlight: Amy Fix, World Languages chair

    Amy Fix, a teacher for 18 years, is now in her fourth year at Scecina. The Richmond, Ind., native, who majored in journalism and Spanish at Butler University, came to the profession after stints in advertising. She worked at the Indianapolis Business Journal and an ad agency in Colorado, where she wrote, directed and produced TV and radio ads. 

    Still, she felt a void in her life. “When I really started examining my life and what I wanted to do, I realized that I wanted to serve and I wanted to work with kids,” she said. ... Read More

  • Another 'A' for Scecina Memorial High School

    Scecina Memorial High School again has earned a grade of “A” in the Indiana Department of Education’s school accountability system. The state announced the grades today.

    Scecina’s “A” rating for the 2017-18 school year was based on three criteria ... Read More

  • Scecina Teacher Spotlight: Jeff Getty, social studies, Marine Corps veteran

    By Beth Murphy, Director of Marketing Communications 

    Jeff Getty came to Scecina in roundabout way. After graduating from high school, he didn’t go straight to college but instead enlisted in the Marines. It was 2003, the post 9/11 era. More about that later.

    Now at Scecina for four years, he’s found his passion: teaching high school. He finds a connection with teenagers, and he also brings his military experience to his teaching in varied ways.... Read More

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"The best part of teaching at Scecina is the students. They make every day different. I learn more from them than I could ever imagine." 

Margaret Zeh Fulford
Theology Teacher