• Letters to veterans: Scecina students express their gratitude

    By Beth Murphy, Director of Marketing Communications

    For the second year, students in U.S. History and World History classes taught by in Scecina social studies teacher Rebeccah Lowe have written cards and letters to veterans in the VA hospital. 

    “Last year we received a letter from the hospital thanking us for sending the cards and letters,” she said. “It said that they make it more bearable for the veterans and shows our concern for the veteran community.”

    Junior Lorena Meyer, now a student in Mrs. Lowe’s U.S. History class, received a handwritten and hand-delivered note from the veteran she wrote to during...Read More

  • Scecina students, teachers praise new library

    By Bob Golobish, Vice President of Advancement

    Hooray! The transformation of the library is complete. 

    “It is bright and cheery! And somehow airy. It’s amazing. It has the equipment and resources students need. It is absolutely beautiful.” That’s how the school’s librarian Sister Sheila Hackett OP., MA, MS, described the transformation. 

    Others are joining in to give the library transformation high praise. “The seats are more comfortable. There is a section where you can socialize. You have a lot more room now. The library is a lot more appealing now then it was before.” That’s the assessment of senior Ivan Lozano. ...Read More

  • Walking in the Woods with AP Environmental Science

    By Beth Murphy, Director of Marketing Communications

     “Why don’t you bring the students to my woods for a day?” 

    It was an invitation Scecina science teacher Marianne Echelbarger could not refuse. Father Aaron Jenkins, Scecina’s chaplain coordinator, was speaking about the cabin and 30 acres of woods his family owns in southeastern Indiana nestled in the picturesque Whitewater River Valley. 

    “I love our woods and so I like to share it ... Read More

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