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Accountability: Results matter

Junior Dominic Petrone (left) and seniors Corinne Maue and Jenna Nosek.

We’ve all heard the term “accountability” used often in the education world in recent years. There are more efforts to hold schools and educators accountable for student progress through the public reporting of data. Also, our students are made accountable through local and standardized tests as well as regular progress reports that record how well they’re doing in their classes.

Because so many of you invest so much in our school and our students, we want to be proactive in reporting Scecina’s results to you and being accountable and transparent. One way to accomplish this is through a Five-Year Progress Report that we plan to unveil in segments over the next few months. Many of my messages to you over this time will focus on progress in these areas: Academics, Catholic Culture, Capital Improvements, Enrollment and Finances. My plan is not only to show what we have accomplished in five years, but also to indicate some areas where we plan to improve or grow.

At the end of this process, we will have a full Five-Year Progress Report that brings together a breadth of data and information showing how Scecina is performing on many different levels.

We at Scecina feel good about what we have accomplished together in recent years. Of course, we know we can improve, and we strive always to be better and to do better. Through accountability and transparency, we earn the trust and confidence that binds the Crusader community together with hopefulness for our future.

Please continue to keep our students, our staff and our school community in your prayers.


Joe Therber