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Admissions Steps

Admissions Steps

Step 1: Submit An Application

Please complete the application by following this link: Application Form

You can also pick up the application for admission at Open House, at a placement test, or from the Office of Enrollment Management. The priority deadline to for applications to the class of 2022 is January 12.

Step 2: Request a Teacher Recommendation

Each prospective student will need to turn in a teacher recommendation form.

The form should be completed by:
- A current teacher
- A current guidance counselor
- A current principal

The recommendation form must be submitted to Scecina’s Office of Enrollment Management by fax (317) 322-4287, email to KJ Fallon at, or mailed to The Office of Enrollment Management, Scecina Memorial High School, 5000 Nowland Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46201.

Step 3: Submit Academic Records

In addition to the application for admission, the following documents must be submitted by the applicant or their family to the Office of Enrollment Management:
-Standardized test scores
-Most recent transcript or report card
-Birth certificate
-Immunization records
-Attendance/discipline records
-Teacher recommendation
-IEP or 504 plan (if applicable)

Step 4: Take the High School Placement Test

All students applying for freshman admission to Scecina are required to take the HSPT exam. The test will be offered on the following dates:

Parents can pre-register their student online at or by contacting the Enrollment Management Office via phone 317.352.3287, email

Step 5: Student Interview

The Student Interview is a part of the Admissions Process for students who desire to attend Scecina Memorial High School. Students who meet the criteria outlined below will have their interview waived:

 A student who has attended a catholic school for at least, the previous, 2 years with no behavior issues or academic concerns, as measured by grades, teacher recommendation, and/or standardized test scores.

Student Interviews can be scheduled for Mondays between 3 p.m. – 5 p.m. If a family is unable to make this time they will need to contact the Enrollment Department at 317.352.3287 or to make alternative arrangements.

Step 6: Admissions Decision

All applications for admission received on or before the Priority Deadline will be reviewed by the end of January. And decision letters will be mailed in the beginning of February. Once a family has received an acceptance letter they will move to the Enrollment Phase!

Check our month to month calendar for other dates.