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Alumni Directory News

Scecina alumni are scattered throughout the world, but no matter where their lives have taken them, whether it was on to college, the military, or their chosen profession, our alums all share a common bond – the educational experience received at 5000 Nowland Avenue. Currently, we are working on a new project designed to help bring our alumni back together. A Scecina Alumni Directory will include comprehensive biographical listings with contact information, career overviews, and family highlights of our graduates. Plus, a special section about Scecina will help you reminisce as you read about our history and traditions.

To make sure our data is as current as possible, our provider, Harris Connect, sent out a mailing on Friday, January 4, 2013 in an effort to begin contacting all Crusader alums to verify the information we print is accurate and complete. We have partnered with Harris Connect, a leading provider of multi-channel solutions for non-profit organizations.

Please assist us in making this publication full of accurate information about you and your fellow Crusaders! It will be a fun and useful reference, as well as helpful in keeping people in touch with one another.

Thank you in advance for your support of this exciting Scecina initiative.