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Alumni share their evenings with Scecina

Jeff Lyons '91 and other 90-93 alumni worked together in July

By Beth Murphy

For the past several months, Scecina graduates have returned to the school to take part in a new initiative that’s going to create stronger alumni connections.

Scecina alumni from each graduating class from 1957 through 2011 that live in the Indianapolis area were invited to participate in Alumni Information Gathering Sessions. Scecina’s staff have been using these meetings to gather information about alumni, especially those who have been out of touch with Scecina. The alums reconnected during the gatherings, which were held in St. Francis Hall.

We had 93 alumni participate in 15 sessions over five months to help find their classmates. These alumni spent a total of more than 1,740 volunteer hours helping the school with this project.

Rose Timpe, Donor and Alumni Relations Coordinator, spearheaded the Alumni Gathering effort. Bob Golobish, Vice President of Advancement, and Jim McGuinness ‘68, Director of Development, also attended the sessions and interacted with alumni.

“Volunteers are crucial to the success of any nonprofit, and I hope those that participated in our alumni project realize how important their time was to us. We had a very ambitious project and timeframe, and it was amazing to see 93 alumni return to their school to help,” says Rose.

The sessions took place around a conference table in St. Francis Hall (you do remember St. Francis Hall, right). There were a lot of hugs, laughs and reminiscing among the alumni. Many said they hadn’t been back in years and were happy to reconnect with the school and former classmates.

Molly (O'Brien) Funk ‘90 enjoyed the alumni session. “My meeting included classes from 1990-1993. It was a great evening and full of electricity. We shared smiles, hugs, laughs, and great memories that will be cherished for a long time. It is great to come back to Scecina and volunteer, and give fully my time, talent, and treasure, and to simply give back! Since I have graduated, I have been able to help with Club 53, silent auctions, Booster Club ticket sales, and much more. It is important to volunteer and spread the word about such a great eastside Catholic high school and a great eastside community!”

Rose adds, “We need volunteers and alumni to help Scecina continue its path in educating students and creating future leaders. Our alumni represent 62 years of pride, history, tradition, and leadership on the eastside of Indianapolis. Without their support, where would Scecina be?”

Thanks to all who gave their time to this project, listed below, and also to Steer Inn, especially Casey Kehrer ‘86, for providing the dinners.

Volunteer participants:

Richard Kramer ‘59
William Rodgers ‘59
George T. Newhart, Jr. ‘60
Thomas Harnishfeger ‘60
James J. Shaver ‘60
Jerry W. Finn ‘60
Mary Jo (Davey) Lowe ‘61
John V Schneider ‘61
Linda (Hall) Conner ‘61
Thomas V. Thompson ‘63
Mary Ann (Tinder) Wagner ‘63
Joseph Hurley ‘63
Kevin P. Farrell ‘65
Jay Huser ‘66
Thomas Donaldson ‘66
Jim Nitchman ‘67
Dave Gandolph ‘68
James Roe ‘68
Kathleen Fahey ‘69
Stephen Cunningham ‘70
Richard C. Youngstafel ‘70
Lee Schluge ‘71
Eileen M. (Griffin) Walters ‘71
Thomas J. Clifford ‘72
Jan (Erlenbaugh) Gaddis ‘72
William Huser ‘72
Rick Lintner ‘72
Ann (Branson) Ruhmkorff ‘72
Michele Whisler ‘73
Pattiann Gavaghan ‘74
Mark S. Allen ‘75
Vincent J. Delaney ‘75
Maggie (Yaggi) Herrington ‘75
Mike Kirk ‘75
David W. Thomas ‘75
Lisa (Harrison) Walters ‘75
Steven Warren ‘75
Colleen (O'Hara) Warren ‘75
Mike Blackwell ‘76
Timothy J. Catton ‘76
Jim Norton ‘76
J. Kevin Johnson ‘77
Jackie Murphy ‘77
Andy Orr ‘77
Darryl Q. Holland ‘77
William McLaughlin ‘78
Theresa E. (Eckerle) Walker ‘78
Robin (Guedel) Parsons ‘79
Cynthia Stanish ‘81
Michael F. Delaney ‘83
Timothy J. Jeffers ‘83
Kathleen A. (Meredith) Pearson ‘83
Robert T. Mayer ‘84
Theresa (Ritzi) Mayer ‘84
Janet S. (Holmes) Rohlman ‘84
Angela (Leffler) Therber ‘84
Jay Wurz ‘84
Rev. John P. McCaslin ‘85
Angela Clements ‘86
Kimberly Griffin ‘86
Gerald C Mears ‘87
Dan E. Greene ‘88
Dan Feeney ‘89
Jennifer (Hedrick) Sullivan ‘89
Molly (O'Brien) Funk ‘90
Victoria (Henninger) Hendley ‘91
Jeff Lyons ‘91
Casady (Kramer) Williamson ‘91
Jeanne (Richardson) Baldwin ‘92
Katie (Koehl) Lyons ‘92
Eric Wahl ‘92
Debbie Alger ‘93
Michael Felts ‘93
Sean Fulton ‘93
Brian J. Gallagher ‘93
Emily (Huckleberry) Griffin ‘93
Nicholas Bozzelli ‘95
Brooke (Doughty) Huber ‘95
Gabriel Beechler ‘97
Christopher M. Spencer ‘98
Jeremy Hambrick ‘99
Dr. Jennifer Walker ‘99
Christopher Hess ‘00
Maureen Naughton ‘00
Jacquelyn Van Velse ‘00
Emily Schenkenfelder ‘02
Veronika Radziwill ‘03
Michael G. Teso, Jr. ‘03
Zebbie (Freeland-Williams) Campbell ‘04
Jennifer (Braun) McNulty ‘04
Patrick McNulty ‘05
Samantha Padgett ‘08
Austin Myers ‘08
Derek Shilling ‘08
Jordan Cagle ‘11
Gabriel Elam ‘11
Tomasz Heil ‘11
Sally Young ‘11

**Thank you to those that wanted to attend, but could not make it, and your well wishes for our project to be a success!

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1. Connie Lovell Heneghan '62 wrote:
Would love to help represent the Class of '62.

Tue, September 8, 2015 @ 4:44 PM

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