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Archbishop's visit highlights week of powerful moments at Scecina

Dear Scecina friends,

This week, our school community came together for three powerful moments of Christian community: Mass with the Archbishop of Indianapolis, the Campus Crusade walkathon, and the Scholar-Athlete Awards.

First, the Most Reverend Charles Thompson, the archbishop, came to Scecina on Wednesday to celebrate an all-school Mass. We are grateful to Archbishop Thompson for wanting to visit Scecina again during the school year.

Before Mass, Archbishop Thompson met with a group of students for a friendly question-and-answer session, and he greeted students after Mass. In his homily, Archbishop Thompson spoke about salvation, courage, and light. He said he often is asked why he is against certain things. He said he tells them that he stands for something, rather than being against certain things, and that standing for Jesus is how we can reflect Christ in the world.

Archbishop Thompson also complimented our students for participating in the annual Campus Crusade walkathon. He thanked them for the light of their public witness when they walk outside the school and show the values they stand for as Scecina students.

Mass with the archbishop included the May Crowning of Mary, Jesus’ mother. The Church has a tradition of honoring Mary during the month of May. Senior Montse Rodriguez of Holy Spirit Parish placed a crown atop a statue of Mary to symbolize her queenship in our lives. As the archbishop pointed out, Catholics do not worship Mary but honor her as the mother of God (Jesus).

Also on Wednesday, the annual Scholar-Athlete Awards program affirmed 140 student-athletes for successfully combining interscholastic athletic participation with academic success as measured by grade point average, regardless of athletic ability level, playing time, or other earned awards.

Marion County Sheriff Kerry Forestal, Scecina Class of 1974, was the keynote speaker. Sheriff Forestal affirmed the scholar-athletes and their parents for their commitment and success. He talked about the role of athletics and academics in a Catholic school. Based on his experience, he said, ethical people become successful people. He told our scholar-athletes to get involved and not to be afraid to take on new challenges.

Sheriff Forestal also talked about Catholic values and morals, bullying, and the need to treat people with dignity and respect like he demands of his deputies at all times. He emphasized the need to become a servant-leader and, like Father Thomas Scecina, to give that "little extra" every day.

The sheriff will be here again on May 22 to speak to the Scecina Business Connection. 

This week’s events are more powerful reminders of the many vibrant people — students and adults alike — who comprise the Scecina Community while knowing, loving, and serving God in the world.


Joe Therber