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  • Scecina Teacher Spotlight: Paul Sinclair, Art

    By Beth Murphy, Director of Marketing Communications 

    Paul Sinclair was an artist before he was a teacher. Art is what brought him to teaching.

     Mr. Sinclair was interviewing in the world of artists when a teaching job came open. His plan was to teach for seven years and then go back to art full time. His experience with helping students through art convinced him to remain in teaching. 

    “While teaching high school for several years, I realized I was able to reach some of my more difficult students,” he said.... Read More

  • 2 Scecina teachers receive Lilly Endowment fellowships

    As a married couple, Scecina teachers Paul and Dee Anne Sinclair have traveled the world together. As educators, they’ve brought back those experiences to enrich the students in their classrooms. 

    Now they’re headed off to another adventure. In January, they were awarded their second grant from Lilly Endowment’s Teacher Creativity Fellowship Program, which aims to restore teachers’ love of learning.  ... Read More

  • Art students focus on their classmates' portraits

    By Cari Gallagher '93

    People walking the halls of Scecina this week will notice an artistic addition to the rotunda on the main floor. Advanced Art students from Mr. Paul Sinclair’s drawing and painting class are displaying their first project of the spring semester: portraits of their classmates in pencil and pastel. The students b...... Read More