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Ball State University Honors Scecina Journalism Students

English and Journalism teacher, Mr. Chad Tuley, and thirteen Scecina students traveled to Ball State on April 20 for the annual High School Journalism Day convention. The students had submitted several samples of work from the yearbook and Crusader News website into contests several weeks ago.  Competing against other schools from around the state in class A ( schools enrolling up to 1,000 students), Scecina met with great success.

In scoring the submissions, the judges give superior, excellent, honorable mention, or no award. Here are this year's results:

Yearbook (Scecina delivers the yearbook in the fall, so this reflects 2010 work)


Amber Kubelsky '10, Student Life Spread (Prom)


Sally Young '11, Academic Spread (Art) Note: Sally was a junior on the staff last year and is editor this year.
Amber Kubelsky '10, Sports Spread (Football)
Courtney Hawkins '10, Sports Spread (Swimming)
Staff (2010), Divider Spread (Academics)

Online Newspaper (first year online with all new students,

Honorable Mention:

Raymond Riley '13, Personality Feature (on Leeann Sauser '12)
Emily Gibbons '12, and Jesse Winings '12, News Story (Teen Bullying)