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Campus Crusade 2018

Each year Scecina students and staff participate in the Campus Crusade walkathon to raise funds for important school missions. This year Campus Crusade Walkathon 500 will take place on Friday, May 3.

Students are encouraged to raise their goal to go toward tuition assistance, care of campus, student life, academics and campus ministry

Students who meet their goal are rewarded with an out-of-uniform pass and are eligible for a drawing for other prizes. Students who raise $100 or more are eligible for a drawing for $250.

Student packets include a calendar of Campus Crusade events and collection days and extra donor cards.

  • Pit Pass. Students who raise their goal will get an out-of-uniform "pit pass." Students with multiple siblings enrolled at Scecina have various individual goals. Please see your personalized Campus Crusade package for your goal.
  • $250 prize. Raise $100 or more and be entered to win $250 on the day of the walk.
  • Class prize. The class with the highest participation rate will be treated to a food truck during lunch.


 Support Scecina students’ Campus Crusade goals. Click below to donate: