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Celebrating Our Core Values

Who is a person whose approach to life is so compelling that you want to learn his or her underlying values? Schools have values, too.

Recently, I wrote about our school mission statement; it is a guiding star for our community. Today, I will discuss a related vital asset, our core values.

A question that our mission statement answers is: “Whom do we serve?” A question that our core values answer is: “What values motivate our service?”

We hope to weave our core values into our work, hour by hour and day by day. They should shape all of our interactions. They should be the “talk that we walk.”

Our updated core values are yet another positive advancement resulting from our 2012-2013 Strategic Growth Planning process. The core values section of our updated plan reads:

Inspired by our Lord Jesus Christ and his servants Father Thomas Scecina and the Sisters of Saint Francis, we embrace:

  • Vocation: Honoring and living according to the unique gifts that God has given us in keeping with the teachings and values of the Catholic faith
  • Servant Leadership: Following Jesus’ example of meeting people’s needs and helping them fulfill their highest destinies
  • Stewardship: Receiving, cultivating, and sharing God's gifts gratefully and generously
  • Excellence: Living the Gospel and attaining the best possible results in all that we do.

When Scecina alumni who impact our Church and society in positive ways, I believe that they grew into their God-given vocations as students at Scecina Memorial High School. When I read our students’ written prayer intentions in the new Prayer Book that is available for them, I believe in their servant-leadership potential. When I see our students working diligently to develop their academic, artistic, and athletic gifts, I know that they are good stewards. And when our students earn prestigious honors while living Gospel values, I see the excellence that is in their lives.

How do you see us living our core values?

Thank you for being a valuable part of our Scecina Memorial community, and go Crusaders!


Joe Therber