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Chris Herren's “Project Purple”

Earlier in the semester, we were fortunate to be able to bring former NBA star Chris Herren’s message to Scecina. As you may remember, Chris struggled with substance abuse throughout his basketball career. Once he was able to turn his life around, he began speaking to students about the importance of promoting good choices. Part of his message was about the importance of becoming a ‘Purple Shirt’, or someone who stands up against substance abuse. In light of his important message, The Herren Project has instituted Project Purple. It is a day in which students and community members across the country will stand together against substance abuse by wearing Project Purple T-Shirts and/or Wristbands. 

This year, Project Purple will take place on April 24th. We will be taking orders for T-Shirts and Wristbands through April 10th. T-Shirts are $8.00 and Wristbands are $1.00. The T-Shirt may be worn to school on April 24th in lieu of the Scecina polo shirt. If you would like to order a wristband or t-shirt, please turn your money into the main office by April 10th.