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  • Commitment to All Students’ Success


    I want to thank you for supporting and praying for Scecina Memorial High School through the years.

    As a community of faith, we enter this new year recommitted to our mission, which is to motivate our diverse and gifted students “to attain educational excellence, be lifelong learners and live as servant leaders in the inspiring footsteps of Father Thomas Scecina.”

    We take seriously our responsibility to recruit a diverse student body, to provide healthy opportunities for them and to give them individual attention so that they feel accepted and connected.

    Our enrollment progress over the past five years shows we are succeeding in meeting those goals. As you can see from the graph (above), each year our freshman class has increased in size. We also are increasing our retention of these students throughout their high school years. As a result, total enrollment numbers are growing as families experience the value that we provide in preparing students for life.

    This growth is moving us toward the target enrollment of 475 students by 2020, a goal recently approved by our Board of Directors. To attain this goal while preparing students for life, we will enhance our individual student success planning, faculty support and development opportunities, and the attractiveness of our campus. Please look for more updates on our Facility Master Plan to unfold this year.

    To establish the 475 student target, our Enrollment Management and Marketing Committee consulted with stakeholders including our teachers and local school principals and pastors. The committee and administration analyzed community data and prioritized the importance of welcoming and retaining students who want to live the values for which our school stands.

    While reaching this goal will require vision and work, together we can do it. Together, we should do it.

    Thank you, our alumni and friends, for helping us reach the milestones that fulfill our Catholic mission rooted in the Gospel and the influence of Father Scecina. Your prayers, volunteer work and financial investments help us provide the rigorous academic programs and student support systems to help us live one of our “10 Great Things”: A commitment to all students’ success.

    God has blessed us with many generous people willing to give back to Scecina Memorial High School and we can’t thank you enough. Here’s to a prosperous 2015 that touches each and every one of our students in positive and lasting ways.

    Sincerely yours,

    Joe Therber

  • Heading Toward Commencement

    Baccalaureate and Commencement ceremonies for the Class of 2013 are less than a month away. As these milestones approach, I am impacted by the depth and breadth of accomplishments and potential in our Senior Class. Having come to know many of these fine young men and women, I truly appreciate their tremendous God-given gifts, their keen intellects and insights, and the camaraderie that they enjoy. Soon, the Class of 2013 will be Crusader alumni!

    A couple weeks ago, more than 600 Crusader alumni and friends made our annual Club 53 event a tremendous success. Dedicated volunteers, donors, staff, and business partners created a wonderful night of fun and fellowship for hundreds of Scecina supporters and, ultimately, for our students.

    If you are wondering where the event name, Club 53, comes from, the answer is pretty simple. Our first freshman class began their careers at Scecina in the fall of 1953—thus the name Club 53. We are grateful for our pioneering students and alumni in Catholic education on the Eastside of Indianapolis.
    Looking ahead, our committed Board of Directors will soon review and vote upon a Strategic Growth Plan for Scecina Memorial High School. More than 200 community members have helped to build this plan since last summer. At this time, the Board anticipates receiving a proposed plan in June for discussion and a vote of approval at the June 25 Board meeting.

    The planning process has been a powerful experience that continues to foster dreams, realistic thinking, and engagement in a vibrant future for our school. Please look for more information later during the summer months.

    During this season of First Communions, Mothers’ Day, family gatherings, sporting events, and Commencements, please savor the many opportunities to celebrate and give thanks!