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Committed to serving a diverse and gifted community


Dear Scecina parents and friends,

How could Scecina serve even more of God’s children?

As a school, we’ve often discussed this question. As you are aware, Scecina is committed to updating our strong academic programs to serve our community and also to stay true to our mission to serve our diverse and gifted community.

We have accomplished many things in regard to that mission: increased the number of Advanced Placement courses; implemented a four-year Biomedical Sciences program; expanded visual and performing arts classes; added dual-credit classes; partnered with a foreign-exchange program; and offered online courses and classes for students to whom English is a second language.

For the 2016-17 school year, we are very pleased to announce that we are expanding a program that will allow us to serve more students. A pilot program called CREST will broaden our services and academic offerings for students with autism.

CREST stands for Crusaders Reaching Educational and Social Goals Together. Students in the CREST program will receive the same quality education that all Scecina students receive and which will lead to their high school diploma in preparation for college and careers.

This opportunity will help us fulfill our mission as a Catholic preparatory school for college and for life. We look forward to welcoming new students who want to grow even further in their academic abilities and life skills.

Principal John Hegarty and teacher Lee Ann Van Benten, director of our Learning Differences program, are leading our efforts on CREST. They both have the experience, the knowledge and the compassion to make CREST a welcoming and academically strong program.

Besides receiving academic assistance, students in CREST will have a social skills class that will help them with their peer-to-peer interaction and also coach them in life skills such as shopping, driving, and other daily activities that these students may struggle with.

We believe many families are seeking a trusted place for their children who are on the autism spectrum. Such families who want the values of a Christian community may have limited choices. We now are giving them a great option with the addition of CREST, and they will be able to take advantage of the many other academic, sports and co-curricular programs that Scecina offers.

God Bless,

Joe Therber