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Congratulations Little Flower for Completing The Lead Like Jesus Program

Scecina enjoys having many of these students, now Little Flower graduates, in our freshman class!

Below article from Yeshua Catholic International Leadership Institute E-Newsletter:

Students describe impact of learning to lead like Jesus in new video

Eighth grade students at Little Flower School in Indianapolis talk about the benefits of learning how to lead like Jesus in a new 5-minute video produced by the Yeshua Institute.

Principal Kevin Gawrys and eighth grade teacher Alicia Buschkoetter also briefly describe what motivated them to launch the program and the effects it has had on students.

Gawrys and Buschkoetter were inspired to present the Catholic Vision for Leading Like Jesus (CV-LLJ) to their students after attending the first ever Catholic Leading Like Jesus Encounter, which was presented by the Yeshua Institute last October at their home parish, St. Therese of the Infant Jesus (Little Flower) Parish.

"Frankly, I was surprised by their interest in sharing the material with junior high students," says Dr. Owen Phelps, Director of the Yeshua Institute and facilitator for the Encounter in Indianapolis. "We were thinking the program would be ideal for high school students, but I confess we hadn't given any thought to sharing it with students younger than that. Still, they were veteran educators who knew their audience much better than we did, so we decided to encourage them and ask them to keep us in the loop as they evaluated their experience."

Gawrys and Buschkoetter believed they could use the CV-LLJ material to develop a powerful, engaging year-long Catholic leadership program for their eighth grade students. But first they decided to test their hypothesis by presenting the students with a one-day sampling of the CV-LLJ material similar to the Encounter they had experienced.

Student reaction was very positive, and the educators came away from their one-day experiment convinced that a year-long Catholic Vision for Leading Like Jesus experience is exactly what their students need to integrate their faith with their lives — both now and for the long-term future. So this coming school year they'll be working with folks at the Yeshua Institute to develop a compelling multi-media program that will engage and challenge their students.

"We're eager to collaborate with such innovative, caring professionals in Catholic education," says Dr. Phelps, who spoke about the Catholic vision for leading like Jesus at the National Catholic Educational Association convention in Minneapolis this past April.
However, the collaboration won't be limited to Little Flower. After Peg Bodinet, principal of St. Mary School in Edwardsville, IL, heard about Little Flower's experiment and plans, she invited Dr. Phelps to present an in-service program for her faculty. As a result, St. Mary's will also be developing a year-long CV-LLJ program for its eighth grade students.

"By next spring we think we will know a lot more about how to bring the Catholic Vision for Leading Like Jesus to eighth grade classrooms so that students begin a lifelong commitment to leading like Jesus in all phases, roles and relationships that come their way in life," says Dr. Phelps. "Opportunities like this make our work a ministry and connect us to the incredible, life-changing ministry of Catholic school education. That's a grace for which we're incredibly grateful."