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Scecina Memorial High School
5000 Nowland Avenue
Indianapolis, Indiana 46201
Tel: 317.356.6377
Fax: 317.322.4287

Our dedicated faculty and staff are available via email and telephone. If you are looking to call a faculty or staff member who does not have a direct line, please dial the school telephone number 317.356.6377 and then the extension listed under his or her name.


President Joe Therber

Principal John Hegarty
317.356.6377, ext. 1116

Name TitleExtension Email Address
Abelein Greiner, KelseyDirector of Enrollment
Black, MattScience
Brake, PamBusiness
Brooks, CarmenSpanish
Brown, JulieFood Service
Clinger, IvetteTuition
Crandell, MandyPublications Coordinator/Graphic
Corn, JeremyDirector of
Dellacca, DavidVice President of Technology1019 
Donlan, Jean Director of Community Engagement1303 
Echelbarger, Marianne Science Teacher 1001 
Fix, Amy Spanish Teacher 1104 
Foor, Tracy Administrative Assistant1119 
Gallagher, Cari Enrollment Management and Athletic Assistant1317 
Getty, Jeff Social Studies Teacher 1205 
Glowinski, Donnie Music Teacher 1006 
Golobish, BobVice President of Advancement 1312 
Greathouse, MarvinPhysical Education
Greathouse, NancySpanish
Guldner, KurtHealth Teacher 1118 
Infantine, MichaelCatholic Theology Teacher 1201 
Hackett, Sr. Sheila Librarian1109 
Hegarty, John Principal 1116 
Heil, Brandi;Guidance Department 
Heim, Blake Science Teacher 1005 
Hemmelgarn, Cindy Vice President, Finance / Operations 1310 
Hollowell, Diane Math Teacher 1222 
Huntoon, Kalynn School Counselor 1114 
Hurrle, OttHealth and Economics Teacher1314 
Kehrer, Jason Athletic Director 1111 
Klaiber, KevinCatholic Theology Teacher1202 
Knight, Diane Master Teacher 1117 
Layton, Karen Bookstore Manager1115 
Leonhardt, Natalie Math Teacher 1221 
Lowe, Rebeccah Social Studies Teacher 1213
Maslar, Jim Catholic Theology Teacher1203 
McGuinness, Jim Director of Development and Alumni Relations1302 
Murphy, Beth Director of Marketing Communications 1101 
Noel, Natalie Tuition Manager 1306 
Noser, Amy Enrollment Management Assistant1317 
Ort, KyleeAthletic Trainer 1016 
Paras, MarkDean of Students 1120 
Poole, John Facilities
Purcell, Brad English Teacher 1218 
Purvis, Jesse English Teacher 
Rosswurm, Nikki Social Studies Teacher 1206 
Rowe, Maureen  Business Assistant 1305 
Schmoll, Tony  English Teacher 1209 
Schroeder, Matt  Math Teacher 1215 
Shaffer, Rachel English Teacher 
Siap, Maria Director of Campus Ministry 1320 
Sinclair, Dee AnneScience Teacher 1003 
Sinclair, Paul Art Teacher 1010 
Smith, AndrewSocial Studies Teacher1217
Smith, Sarah Science Teacher 1002 
Spaulding, Gia Donor Database Manager and  Advancement Coordinator 1308 
Spurlin, Dave Assistant Director of Facilities 1323 
Therber, Joseph President 1301 
Timpe Branson, Rose Donor and Alumni Relations Coordinator1319 
Tuley, Chad Media Production Teacher1007 
Van Benten, Lee Ann Resource Teacher 
Walsh, Ellen French Teacher 1112 
Wetzel, Kathryn English Teacher 1219 
Williams, Elizabeth Math Teacher1207 
Williamson, Casady Receptionist 1107 
Zeh-Fulford, Margaret Catholic Theology Teacher 1204
Zobel, Bridget Social Worker 1121