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Overview of the CREST program

For the 2016-17 school year, Scecina Memorial High School is offering a pilot program to serve students who are high functioning on the autism spectrum. This program is called CREST (Crusaders Reaching Educational and Social Success Together).

Students in this program will be able to receive the same quality education that all Scecina students receive, leading to their high school diploma in preparation for career and college.

The academic program is based on the Indiana Core 40 Diploma as a minimum standard. CREST will incorporate a social skills curriculum to enable students to successfully master the high school curriculum, support post-secondary goals, and work toward transitioning to a university or career setting.

With CREST, we have an exceptional team and program for college-bound students in the Indianapolis metropolitan area who have challenges in social interaction, executive functioning, flexible thinking, speech and sensory-motor development.

The four pillars of the CREST program

The CREST program is built on four pillars that support an innovative, evidence-based education. These are:

Structured Schedules tailored to each student's social, academic, and sensory needs.

Fully integrated social skills with support where students need it - in class, at lunch and in social situations. The focus here will be to provide the tools to develop a social life in and outside of school.

Creative and challenging academics (six out of eight classes a day in a general classroom) using large-group, individual, and small-group instruction to develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Positive, research-based practices for emotional regulation and behavior management.

Benefits of CREST

The CREST program will provide for each student:

  • A skills class each day that will focus on learning skills and provide extra time to complete assignments or projects.
  • All accommodations agreed to on the student's IEP
  • Staff availability after school from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. to help with homework, tutoring or parent meetings.
  • A computer equipped to serve his or her unique needs

CREST Skills Class

Students will have a class period during the school day that will focus on social skills, life skills and development.

As students go through their high school years, this period during the school day also will include (if needed): speech therapy, occupational therapy, relationship development, life skills, driver's education and any other area of special need agreed upon by the parents and the school.

Admission to CREST

The following steps will be part of the process for a student's admission to the CREST program:

  • Information meeting
  • Application
  • Student and parent interview
  • IEP review
  • Acceptance decision
  • Financial aid interview and application
  • Scecina CSEP case conference and scheduling meeting

Learn more

If you would like more information, please contact Mrs. Lee Ann Van Benten, director of Scecina's Learning Differences program, at or by calling her at 317-356-6377 ext. 1110.