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Crusader sports teach valuable life lessons


Each semester we honor our students who have made notable achievements on our athletic teams.

It’s important to acknowledge our students’ hard work and dedication in sports as well as in academics. Sports help young people individually build confidence, set goals and learn to work with others as a team. Our sports teams collectively create a sense of unity and pride for our students and the greater Crusader community. Efforts and achievements in interscholastic athletics reflect our values of servant-leadership, stewardship, and excellence.

Scecina recognizes the importance of educating our students in body, as well as spirit and mind, in order to prepare them for a fulfilling life. The vast majority of our students are involved in one or more of the IHSAA sports Scecina offers.

This month we recognized our student-athletes from the most recent season at the annual Winter Sports Awards Night. One-hundred and fifteen students took part in cheerleading, gymnastics, swimming, wrestling and boys and girls basketball; 12 of these young athletes garnered Academic All-Conference Awards: Abby Brown, Michaela Heil, Natalie Donlan, Maggie Mayer, Bridget Delaney, Mary O’Connor, Jenna Nosek, Summer Li, Delaney Rohlman, Katie Coffey, Haley Drewes and Will Therber. Congratulations to all! (Please click here for a list of all of the athletes who were individually honored.)

I also would like to acknowledge the coaches, volunteers, supporters, and administrators of Crusader athletics who help create this rewarding experience for our youth and encourage them to strive for excellence.

I especially thank parents and families for supporting your children in both their athletic and academic endeavors, for making sure they attend practices, for cheering on them and their teammates at competitions, for being there when they experience the joy of victory as well as the heartache of defeat. These character-building experiences help form the type of servant-leaders Scecina wishes to send into the world.

Thank you and God Bless,

Joe Therber