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Hi there! Welcome to the Discover Opportunities page. 

My name is Christina Schroedle and I want to share with you some of the opportunities available to all students at Scecina Memorial High School. There are so many great programs offered at Scecina, both inside and outside of the classroom. This includes Honors and AP courses, sports, clubs, arts, and other school-sponsored activities. There is something for each student to get involved in. 

 Some of the opportunities that I have taken advantage of as a freshman at Scecina are Key Club, volleyball, Student Council, Crusaders for Life (Right to Life), and theater. Because of Scecina's small size, there are many opportunities for leadership roles. You can even take a leadership class!

In the classroom I have had the opportunity to take honors classes, which will prepare me for AP (Advanced Placement) courses and going on to college. I will also be taking advantage of the many AP courses offered. I'm taking one now as a sophomore! 

 I feel like I have gained more confidence and experience through the coursework I have done and activities I have participated in. I believe that the opportunities for all students is what sets Scecina apart and helps its students grow, and go forth to transform the world inspired by the light of Christ.


  • All IHSAA sports offered
  • Softball has won 3 state championships within the last 5 years
  • Club Volleyball and Lacrosse are offered
  • Summer camps are offered in a variety of sports. Click here to register.
  • All students participate in 15 service hours
  • Students participate in a walk-a-thon each year to help with tuition assistance
  • Students teach at East Deanery Partner schools