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Christian Service at Scecina

Through the Christian Service program, we hope to provide students with opportunities to practice servant leadership as part of their Christian identity, which includes their membership in the Catholic community of Scecina and their local religious communities. Each year students select a service opportunity to participate in and reflect upon. Jesus and Father Thomas Scecina served in the context of a community, for it is in and through community we can reflect Christ to one another. Therefore, as many of our Christian service projects as possible will be carried out in the context of a community of servants. 

Additionally, one key difference between general service and servant leadership is that servant leaders are motivated first and foremost by a desire to meet others' needs. Servant leaders seek the knowledge and understanding about opportunities, problems and issues in the community such that their service will be beneficial primarily to those whom they serve. Leaders formulate their plans to serve based on this knowledge, rather than simply diving into serving without much knowledge. The Christian Service program places an emphasis on becoming educated about the community opportunities, problems and needs that we hope to address. 

Student Service Handouts 18-19 Final.pdf

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