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First Incentive Deadline for Campus Crusade

Wednesday, May 1st  is the first participation incentive deadline for Campus Crusade. Students who have met their sponsorship goal will be granted the privilege to dress out of uniform beginning Monday, May 6 through the end of the school year.

Only those students who have turned in their money and sponsorship card to Room 101 by May 1st  will receive this privilege, and these students must dress within the following guidelines:

· Sandals are fine, BUT they must have a closed heel.
· No tights made of spandex or other material.
· No jeans/pants/shorts with rips, tears, or holes occurring natural or otherwise.
· No running shorts (or shorts that fail to pass the "dangling hands test"—end of shorts must not be above fingertips when held to side)
· No tight-fitting shorts

Other attire not covered in the above guidelines can be restricted at the discretion of the Scecina Administration.