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Catholic Theology - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My student is not Catholic are they required to attend Catholic Theology classes and Mass?

A. Yes, any student attending Scecina must have the required Catholic theology class for the semester they are in. All students are also required to attend the weekly masses along with other times of prayer that would be required of our student body. As an institution it is not our goal to make students feel separate or inferior. We believe that students are able to participate as much as they are able. If you feel that your student is being made to feel this way please contact the chaplain or campus minister to discuss the matter.

Q. Will my non-catholic student receive communion at mass?

A. No, as Catholics we hold the Eucharist (the sacrament that involves communion) in highest regard and honor. No one is ever forced to receive communion and all are encourage too examine whether or not they are properly prepared to receive our Lord in this sacrament. Non-Catholics come forward for a blessing but do not receive communion as this is not only a sign of our belief in Christ but also our belief in the Catholic faith.

Q. What is required of my student for there service hours?

A. All students are required to complete one “EXTRA” these vary in length and time and also vary as to when they are completed. Please see our service section and its documents. If you have further questions please contact the chaplain or campus minister.

Q. What happens if my student fails their Catholic theology course or they do not complete their EXTRA?

A. any student who fails both semesters of Catholic theology or who does not complete their EXTRA will be required to attend a summer session held the last two weeks of July. These sessions are 4 days a week from 9 till noon and the student is required to attend at least 6 of the 8 days. If your student is not able to comply with this then the student is not able to return to Scecina the next school year.

Q. My student is having a hard time in life or is going through a rough patch. Can I contact the school to have them speak with someone?

A. Yes. Scecina has a school counselor who is available to meet with students we also have a guidance counselor along with our chaplain and campus minister. Please feel free to contact the school on behalf of your student.

Q. How can students participate at the weekly Mass?

A. At Scecina all students, Catholic and non-Catholic, are invited to participate in Mass. After training, many are serving as lectors, being an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion, and also singing in the choir or being a cantor. At our normal weekday Mass we have about 10 to 20 students serving in some way.