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Cordelia, Class of 2018

Cordelia will come to Scecina in the fall of 2015 to join the sophomore class. She is from Harbin, China and has been studying for a year in the U.S. at Padua Franciscan High School in Ohio. She is an outgoing young lady who enjoys music and dance. She has been playing the violin for 11 years and participates in orchestra. She also writes music, draws with water colors, designs clothes, and likes trying new things! We are excited to welcome Cordelia to the sophomore class next year!

Hugo, Class of 2019

Hugo plans to join the Freshman Class of 2019 this fall. He comes to the United States to study from Guangzhou, China. The main reasons he says he wants to be a part of the FLAG program is that he wants to learn more about American culture and show people in the U.S. about Chinese culture. Hugo enjoys sports as well as the arts. He likes to play basketball, baseball, tennis, and swim as well as play the piano and take pictures. Though he says he might be shy at first, we are confident he will be a great addition to the Class of 2019!

Kiking, Class of 2018

Kiking is an adventurous young woman who will be joining Scecina from Alma High School, MI. She enjoys being active by swimming, playing the piano, doing traditional Chinese dance. She also competes for dance and piano and has won many awards for each. KiKing also likes music and science fiction or fantasy movies. She will be an energetic student we are excited about having in the Class of 2018!

Susan, Class of 2019

Susan is an outgoing student who excels both inside and outside of the classroom. Her favorite hobbies are swimming, skiing, and reading. Susan also is involved in her current school's Model United Nations Club and Student Union. She is very excited about coming to the United States and joining Scecina for the 2015-2016 School Year.

Alex, Class of 2018

Alex is going to be a sophomore here at Scecina next year. He enjoys playing sports and participating in extra-curricular activities. Alex particularly enjoys playing soccer, he says that through playing sports he hopes to make many friends here at Scecina. He will be a great addition to the sophomore class!

Wayne, Class of 2016

Wayne will be transferring to Scecina for his Senior year. He attended a school in the United States last year as well, so is accustomed to being an International Student. Wayne enjoys sports, cooking, reading, and watching movies. He especially likes basketball and track, and wants to learn how to play football and baseball. We are thrilled to have Wayne with us next school year!