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Inspiring 9/11 Mass at Scecina brings together firefighters, students, community

 Dear Friends, 

The three numbers 9/11 probably carry huge meaning to you. We remember where and with whom we were on the morning of September 11, 2001. We remember the shock, the sadness, the anger. We also remember the seemingly endless courage, servant-leadership, and prayers that poured forth around the globe that day. 

This week at Scecina, thanks to the Emerald Society of the Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD), we hosted the IFD 9/11 Commemorative Mass. After several years of having this 9/11 Mass at a local church, the Emerald Society wanted to have it at a school this year. 

Why? To help our students—the vast majority of whom were born after 9/11/2001—reflect upon and value the, unfortunately, abundant goodness of that day while honoring the innocent victims and their loved ones. 

Three words that come to my mind as descriptions of the 9/11 Mass are beautiful, inspiring, and spectacular. As a school community, we prayed and grew in our spirit of Christian faith, hope, and love. We worshipped alongside servant leaders from the Indianapolis Fire Department whose pledge to serve and save lives we truly appreciate. 

Chief Ernest Malone of the Indianapolis Fire Department gave an inspiring speech after Mass. Scecina alumni Father John McCaslin (class of 1985) and Deacon Gary Blackwell (class of 1978) set the tone for the Mass as our celebrant and homilist. Deacon Gary also is an Indianapolis firefighter. You can read Deacon Gary's homily by clicking here

Historically, hundreds of Scecina alumni and parents of Scecina students have chosen public safety for their line of work. As time marches on, I have grown in understanding and thankfulness for the oath that our public safety professionals and members of the military services take to protect and defend. 

9/11. A tragic day. A day that has given rise to community from the ashes. In the inspiring footsteps of Father Thomas Scecina, let us all do everything that we can for one another and then “give that little extra.” 

God Bless, 

Joe Therber