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Larissa Biela Stars In Hendricks Regional Health Ad

Larissa Biela poses for Hendricks Regional Hospital Ad

Larissa Biela poses for Hendricks Regional Health ad

Third-year Scecina teacher Larissa Biela never dreamed when she was dealing with severe abdominal and back pain a few years ago that her suffering would lead to her starring in a local health network’s advertising campaign to help others in pain.

“I was pretty much homebound from February 2011 through August 2012. I couldn’t sleep, and my quality of life was suffering,” Mrs. Biela explained. “I just went to doctors. I didn’t even want to try to find a job.”

Working with a physical therapist from Hendricks Regional Health brought Mrs. Biela the relief she had sought from her pain. With less pain, she finally was able to look for a job, and she started teaching French and etymology at Scecina in 2012. Mrs. Biela’s story led the hospital to use her in new ads about patient self-referrals to physical therapists.

“I agreed to do the self-referral physical therapy campaign to encourage others in pain to seek medical treatment through physical therapy to honor the Lord and the story that He is telling through my life,” Mrs. Biela said.

Aimee Ketterer, Hendricks Regional’s marketing communications specialist, said Mrs. Biela’s story should inspire others to seek physical therapy (PT), which can relieve pain as well as help patients deal with stressors that can cause pain. The hospital wants to use Biela’s story to make Hoosiers aware of a state law passed in 2013 that allows patients to see physical therapists for a period of time without first receiving a physician’s referral.

“Larissa’s story just really stood out to me,” Ketterer said. “The PT had made such an amazing difference in her quality of life.”

So on a recent Saturday when Scecina normally is silent and free of the school-day hustle and bustle, a classroom and the school’s hallways were used as the backdrop for Mrs. Biela’s photo shoot. The teacher, whose first child is due at the end of April, received the star treatment from a makeup and hair stylist and then posed for a long session of photography, despite her usual reluctance to be in front of a camera.

“I normally don’t really like having my picture taken,” Mrs. Biela said. “But I am doing it because I know it can help other people. I just thought of it as God-honoring, and helpful for others.”

Ketterer said the photos will be published on the Avon-based hospital’s website, and as ads in other publications and on billboards, especially on the Westside of Indianapolis They also may appear on wraparounds on city buses and on

“It’s a pretty extensive ad campaign, except there’s no TV component,” Ketterer said.

You can look for Mrs. Biela’s image and story on the ads starting at the beginning of February.

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1. Nermeen wrote:
Renee never stated that her cisevrnoon to atheism stopped all her problems. What it did was remove her from the self-hate and helplessness so many Christians subject themselves to. The very concept that you are inherently "bad" and being "judged" by something you can't see, hear or feel is extremely unhealthy. By rejecting this religious dogma it sounds to me like she is more emotionally stable, and has an inner drive and sense of purpose that was lacking before. That she has found a wonderful partner is not surprising to me. Confident, self-assured individuals tend to attract like-minded people. @ Renee: I'm very happy for you. DO skip happily through life. You deserve it. This will probably annoy the crap out of the fundies, but so be it!

Mon, August 3, 2015 @ 11:33 AM

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