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  • Archbishop's visit highlights week of powerful moments at Scecina

    Dear Scecina friends,

    This week, our school community came together for three powerful moments of Christian community: Mass with the Archbishop of Indianapolis, the Campus Crusade walkathon, and the Scholar-Athlete Awards.

    First, the Most Reverend Charles Thompson, the archbishop, came to Scecina on Wednesday to celebrate an all-school Mass. We are grateful to Archbishop Thompson for wanting to visit Scecina again during the school year.

    Before Mass, Archbishop Thompson met with a group of students for a friendly question-and-answer session, and he greeted students after Mass. In his homily, Archbishop Thompson spoke about salvation, courage, and light. He said he often is asked why he is against certain things. He said he tells them that he stands for something, rather than being against certain things, and that standing for Jesus is how we can reflect Christ in the world.

    Archbishop Thompson also complimented our students for participating in the annual Campus Crusade walkathon. He thanked them for the light of their public witness when they walk outside the school and show the values they stand for as Scecina students.

    Mass with the archbishop included the May Crowning of Mary, Jesus’ mother. The Church has a tradition of honoring Mary during the month of May. Senior Montse Rodriguez of Holy Spirit Parish placed a crown atop a statue of Mary to symbolize her queenship in our lives. As the archbishop pointed out, Catholics do not worship Mary but honor her as the mother of God (Jesus).

    Also on Wednesday, the annual Scholar-Athlete Awards program affirmed 140 student-athletes for successfully combining interscholastic athletic participation with academic success as measured by grade point average, regardless of athletic ability level, playing time, or other earned awards.

    Marion County Sheriff Kerry Forestal, Scecina Class of 1974, was the keynote speaker. Sheriff Forestal affirmed the scholar-athletes and their parents for their commitment and success. He talked about the role of athletics and academics in a Catholic school. Based on his experience, he said, ethical people become successful people. He told our scholar-athletes to get involved and not to be afraid to take on new challenges.

    Sheriff Forestal also talked about Catholic values and morals, bullying, and the need to treat people with dignity and respect like he demands of his deputies at all times. He emphasized the need to become a servant-leader and, like Father Thomas Scecina, to give that "little extra" every day.

    The sheriff will be here again on May 22 to speak to the Scecina Business Connection. 

    This week’s events are more powerful reminders of the many vibrant people — students and adults alike — who comprise the Scecina Community while knowing, loving, and serving God in the world.


    Joe Therber

  • Good Friday and Easter: The promise of joy after pain and suffering

    Dear Scecina Community,

    Today, Good Friday, we mark one of the most important events in the Christian faith and the history of the world. We reflect on and pray about Jesus’ love, forgiveness, and gruesome, painful death on the cross. It is a somber day.

    Yet one of the beauties of the Christian faith is that we believe, through faith in God, joy follows suffering. While sadness and pain exist in our lives, faith in God enables us to experience eternal life on the other side of suffering. 

    Who among us will not suffer in some way? Whether our struggles are past, present or future, simple or complex, and few or many, may we all experience the joy and resurrection that God offers in His infinite love.

    As we awaken on Sunday and every day, Happy Easter to you and yours!


    Joe Therber

  • The new year comes with reflection and expectations for year ahead

    New Year's greetings! 

     January can be a harsh weather month here in Central Indiana. Our days can be cold, dark or at least gray, and lacking in the December brightness of holiday lights and celebrations that we have recently experienced. 

    On the flip side, however, January is a good time to embrace the internal and the eternal, to retreat a bit from the busy-ness of the world, to read, maybe sit by a fire, reflect on our blessings and re-connect with God a little more.

    I know someone who has come to embrace these dreary months that used to get her down. She now calls it a “hibernation time” to rest, get in touch with her spiritual side, and not stress about a to-do list. In the Catholic Church, we talk about the “spiritual desert” of Lent, yet the late winter months can also be a good time to retreat to the desert and nurture our spirit. 

    As we start the second semester, many activities can nurture our spirit. Seniors are becoming even more engaged in making plans for life immediately after Scecina. Winter sports are in full swing. We welcome eighth-graders applying for the Crusader Class of 2023. The Crusaders for Life Club prepares to attend the annual March for Life in Washington, D. C. Catholic Schools Week later this month includes the annual East Deanery Band Festival at Scecina. 

    On Friday, Jan. 11, I hope those of you who are alumni will come back to Scecina with your families for Alumni Appreciation Night at the varsity boys basketball game. You can learn more at The game and refreshments are courtesy of us at Scecina as we show our appreciation for all you do and have done for Scecina. It is great evening; please come!


    Father Kenneth Taylor

    I want to remember Father Kenneth Taylor, who died Dec. 19. As an East Deanery priest at St. Rita Catholic Church, Father KT celebrated school Masses with Scecina students and staff. He recently had marked his 40th anniversary as a priest and was the longest-serving president of the National Black Catholic Clergy Caucus. Father KT was a tireless worker in the Lord’s vineyard. May God grant him eternal rest. 

    As 2019 begins, may we seek the face of the Lord every day, for He looks upon us with mercy, warmth, and peace. I wish God's blessings of health and happiness upon you and yours all year long. 

    Joe Therber

  • Christmas prayers for joy and peace from all of us at Scecina

    Dear Friends,

    Do you remember the excitement — euphoria may be a better word — of Christmas vacation beginning when you were a student? I sure do. We are now at that time in our school year. The first semester has ended. Thanks to God’s blessings, it included many memorable moments in our students’ lives. They now turn their attention to celebrating Christmas.

    As you and your loved ones enjoy or reminisce on family traditions while celebrating the birth of our Savior, all of us at Scecina wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Please have a safe and joyful holiday.

    We also know this time of year can be difficult for people and families who are experiencing or are about to experience a loss or transition of some kind. I can readily think of at least four families of Scecina alumni who are going through a difficult time right now. Please hold them in your prayers.

    Just as God gave us the greatest gift imaginable through the birth of His Son, thank you for sharing your gifts that allow Scecina to minister each day to our students and their loved ones.

    Merry Christmas!

    Joe Therber

  • Advent is a time to shine your light on the world

    Advent greetings!

     As Catholic Christians, we consider this liturgical season of Advent as a “waiting period.” We’re not yet observing Christmas. That will come soon enough. For now, we’re anticipating and preparing for the birth of our Savior. 

    In his homily at our first school Mass of Advent, Father Chris Wadelton reminded us that waiting for Christ doesn’t mean doing nothing. Speaking about the Advent wreath candles, he challenged us to use the season to bring the light of Christ into the bruised world, to shed light on the darkness that may exist in some of our relationships.

    Scecina is blessed with the varied voices of the priests of the East Deanery of the Archdiocese, including Father Chris, pastor at St. Philip Neri and a member of our Board of Directors. Each week, our students and staff hear from these messengers of faith, who bring their perspectives to bear. I’m sure students leave our weekly school Mass with interesting viewpoints to ponder. 

    Principal Brettnacher last week wrote about our plan to have East Deanery priests help us integrate our faith into all subject areas. This is part of our Catholic Identity initiative in the School Improvement Plan. We’re grateful for the guidance and wisdom our deanery priests offer the Scecina Community in so many ways. We pray for all priests as they lead their flocks at all times, including during this important season in the Church year. 

    On Thursday, 51 students and staff shed some light on our community by sharing the gift of life through giving blood -- a total of 34 units to the Indiana Blood Center!. Thank you to everyone who donated. 

    On Sunday, Dec. 16 at 3 p.m., Scecina Music Director Chris Ritchie will lead our choirs and band in a holiday concert, “The Sounds of Christmas.” This concert is free and open to all. Please join us. 

    This Advent, I hope you are able to shine your light in your part of the world. It gets to be such a harried month that we often lose sight of our own spiritual lives, yet that’s the reason for the season! 


    Joe Therber