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Parents' involvement at school helps boost students' success


I hope the start of the new school year is meeting your expectations and, again, thank you very much for choosing Scecina! 

As we say so often, you as parents are your children’s first and primary teachers. Scecina is your partner in this lifelong endeavor of modeling Christian values and creating experiences through which your child becomes the very best possible version of himself or herself.

This coming week, Scecina hosts three parental involvement events: College Planning Night on Tuesday, Sep. 4, and Progress Report Night with a Senior Parent Meeting on Thursday, Sep. 6.

Parental support and expectations are valuable for a child’s success. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article about parents’ involvement in schools, a 10-year study of 15,240 students published in 2016 showed that “students whose parents set high educational expectations, and attended PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) meetings and parent-teacher conferences, tended to have higher grades at high school graduation. They also attained more years of formal education in the ensuing decade.” 

The article offers these tips for parents of high-schoolers:

  • Continue coaching your child on setting academic goals and college plans.
  • Emphasize the process of learning more than getting high grades or test scores.
  • Show interest in school by participating in events or fundraisers.
  • Talk about the rewards of being involved as a volunteer.

This issue of The Weekly has further information below about next week’s parent meetings. We hope you take advantage of these opportunities and experience the benefits that come from involvement in your child’s education. We welcome you!

Thank you,

Joe Therber