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Welcome to Scecina Memorial High School!

Our mission is to prepare young men and women of diverse backgrounds and learning styles to be servants and leaders who live the Gospel faithfully in our world. During recent years, we have attained the State of Indiana’s highest ratings for academic performance and academic progress. We believe that this accomplishment is an outstanding testament to God’s blessings and our community’s acceptance of these blessings.

As the father of five Scecina Memorial alumni, I enjoy giving witness on a first-hand basis to our students’ abilities, insights, and zest for life.  I also like to let people know that our faculty, administration, and staff are unmatched in their commitment to our students and to the mission of our school.

Our Catholic faith teaches us that a Christian steward is one who receives God's gifts gratefully, cherishes them in an accountable manner, shares them generously in love and justice, and returns them with increase to the Lord.  Every day on our campus, 400 students, educators, and others attempt to live their God-given vocations to the fullest.

Sincerely yours,
Joseph S. Therber