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 President Therber can be contacted by email at or by  telephone at 317.352.3282

  • An upbeat start to a new school year at Scecina

    First day of school 2016

    Students of the Class of 2017 started their senior year this week.

    Dear Scecina Community, 

    Today marks the end of the first week of the school year. Students’ first days on campus have been very upbeat. Our students, teachers, and administrators have engaged in energetic class meetings, career aptitude testing, classroom activities, sports practices, and other aspects of “settling in.” 

    Preceding this week, our staff in all departments of Scecina had a full and inspiring week. We started with a two-day staff retreat on August 1, the opening of which was a dinner and reflections by Father Bob Gilday, Pastor of Little Flower Parish and a member of the Scecina Board of Directors. We asked Father Bob to share his reflections on the Vocation of a Catholic School Educator. His remarks and reflections generated a lot of positive feedback and enthusiasm for the year ahead. 

    A central theme of Father Bob’s talk was that an outstanding Catholic educator is one who responds to God’s call to be holy, to be the best version of yourself, and to be merciful; who develops a personal relationship with Jesus through prayer; and is part of a Church community. As we embark on the next 35 weeks of the year, we will strive to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be. 

    Important upcoming events include Meet the Teacher Night on August 24 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. starting in the gymnasium; Progress Report Night on September 8 to mark the mid-way point of the first grading period, and Homecoming on September 9 versus Beech Grove at Tech High School. 

    Our library transformation is progressing on schedule and according to budget. We are targeting September 23 as the opening day for student use. To see pictures of construction in progress, please click here

    Another special event is coming up on Tuesday, August 16. Archbishop Tobin is speaking at 7:00 p.m. at Holy Spirit Parish (on East 10th Street) on the Jubilee Year of Mercy. I encourage you to attend as it is sure to be a growth opportunity. 

    May God bless you for your support of Scecina Memorial High School, and Go Crusaders! 


    Joe Therber
    Scecina Memorial High School 

  • As summer moves on, Scecina prepares for new school year

    The library was cleared for demolition and construction. 

    Greetings, Crusader Community,    

    I can't believe it either – Where has the summer gone? For those of us from certain generations, summer was the period from Memorial Day to Labor Day. It included 12 solid and memorable weeks of fun, sports, summer jobs, travel, activities with friends and family, and many kinds of pure leisure. 

    Here at Scecina, much has happened since Memorial Day in anticipation of our 61st Commencement in May 2017 and the promising school year that lies before it.

    The library transformation is well underway. This dramatic improvement will be open for the vast majority of the 2016-17 school year. It will provide our students and community with a technology-rich, collaborative, and college preparatory learning and meeting space. Demolition is complete, and construction began this week. This transformation has been made possible through the generosity of numerous people and organizations, including the Scecina Class of 1964, many alumni and friends, and the Archdiocese of Indianapolis grant program. You can view photos of the project in progress on our Library Renovation page.

    During June, we hosted 17 summer camps ranging from Guitar Camp to Baking Camp to the traditional summer sports camps. All told, 347 campers in grades 1-8 were in and out of campus throughout this action-packed month. We now are in the midst of installing new sidewalks around the perimeter of the school and new technology for messaging, presentations, and events in the renovated cafeteria.

    On June 30, we concluded the 2015-16 fiscal year with an operating surplus, thanks in large part to 1,350 generous alumni and friends who committed more than $1 million in annual support for our students and programs. As the new school year approaches, we are expanding several facets of our Christian Service program, including new educational resources in servant leadership for school staff, a wide menu of group service projects for students, and a voluntary pilot version of a Christian Service capstone project for graduating seniors. These opportunities are central to our school mission.

     During the months to come, we will share stories of students, staff members, alumni and friends who make Scecina a school of opportunities, academic excellence, Christian values, and life preparation. 

    Our dedicated staff now is preparing for the first day of classes on August 8 that will follow an important week of training, meetings, and a retreat for all staff members. The retreat theme is that we are vessels through whom God’s mercy and presence can shine in and for our community. 

    Thank you for the blessings that you share as a vessel in service to our Scecina students and the entire Crusader community.


    Joe Therber

  • Scecina embarks on summer projects

    Leffler Scholarship recipient Will Ferree (left) with Coach Ott Hurrle.

    Leffler Scholarship recipient Will Ferree (left) with Coach Ott Hurrle.


    I hope everyone is enjoying the summer break and getting some deserved rest and relaxation.

    Work on a couple of exciting and important summer projects is well underway for the benefit of the Scecina experience for all our students, staff and visitors.

    The full-scale library renovation is underway and will result in a transformed technology-rich, college preparatory learning and meeting space for our students and community groups. We also soon will begin replacing and repairing sidewalks around the perimeter of the school.

    Looking even further ahead, Scecina recently presented our Exploration, Discovery, and Financial Feasibility Study Report regarding the next phase of our educational and facility improvements to the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. The report and consultant recommendations reflected input from a variety of sources, including more than 130 personal interviews and mailed surveys. Scecina’s Board of Directors and administration are now in forward-looking conversations with the archdiocese about Scecina future.

     Lastly, I want to thank all who participated in or were sponsors for the Alumni Golf Classic that was held June 17 at West Chase Golf Club in Brownsburg. This was the first year the Classic was played at West Chase, owned by Scecina alumni Rick ’69 and Patti (Nonte) Smith '71. The Classic, besides being a fun time for Scecina alumni and friends, funds the annual Kenneth R. Leffler Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to an incoming senior who excels in academics and leadership and is the child or grandchild of a Scecina alumnus. The scholarship also reflects the values Mr. Leffler encouraged as a teacher, coach, and friend. This year’s recipient is Will Ferree (pictured above with Coach Ott Hurrle). Congratulations, Will!

    Enjoy the rest of your summer; please look for more library transformation updates; and may peace be with you and your families!

    Joe Therber

  • The Scecina Story is Alive and Well in Our 60th Year

    The Class of 2016 prays before Senior Awards Day May 25, 2016.

    What a week it was! Senior Awards Day, Baccalaureate Mass at Little Flower, and Commencement all rolled together as a wonderful tribute to the Scecina Class of 2016. During a full three-day period, these fine young people wrapped up four years of Catholic high school and commenced the next stages in their lives.

    The Class of 2016 amassed more than $10 million in college and university scholarship awards, earned numerous Scecina and national academic honors, served our community in profound ways, and garnered a bounty of awards for athletic participation and accomplishments. As I look at photographs of each class member with their current career aspirations in the main hallway of the school, I am optimistic about the future. The Class of 2016 aspires to be doctors, engineers, lawyers, business leaders, healthcare professionals, public servants, environmental scientists, architects, and foreign service officers. One young man in particular aspires to be something that is beyond and within all professions—“A Good Man.”

    Commencement was a glorious occasion—an uplifting celebration of diverse student gifts and accomplishments, a full gymnasium, a stage full of graduates, paper fans in response to heat and humidity, the Superintendent of Schools in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis (Mrs. Gina Kuntz Fleming) sharing Archbishop Tobin’s and her congratulations, and more.

    The Class of 2016 is the 60th graduating class from Scecina Memorial High School. 1957 marked the first class of graduates. In our modern age of instant communication, 60 years can seem like 600. While much has changed during these 60 years, much remains the same. As was the case years ago, we see the Class of 2016 as our hope for a more peaceful and brighter future.

    At the Baccalaureate Mass, Father Bob Gilday, Pastor of Little Flower Parish and Scecina Board of Directors member, summed up the key to peace and happiness. The Gospel invites us to turn to Jesus for true sight and insight. We all have needs and blind spots, be they physical, spiritual, moral, or intellectual. Jesus Christ, our true Master Teacher, can turn our needs and blindness into riches and vision.

    Congratulations to the Class of 2016, their families and mentors, and to everyone who has helped ensure that the Scecina Story is alive and well in our 60th year.

    God Bless!

    Joe Therber

  • Scecina recognizes students' academic achievements

    There were 19 recipients of the President's Academic Excellence Award in the Class of 2016, who graduated on May 27, the 60th commencement.

    Dear Scecina parents and friends,

    On April 25, we held a fantastic student recognition event at Scecina. Started in 2001, the President's Academic Excellence Awards Program has become a wonderful annual event to recognize the students in each class who have the Top Ten grade point averages or grade point averages of 4.0 or higher.

    This year, we recognized 77 freshmen through senior students! These young men and women truly exemplify outstanding academic achievement. They work hard, are dedicated student leaders, are involved in numerous co-curricular activities, serve in our community beyond Scecina, are very principled, and are future leaders.

    The Class of 2016 was awarded more than $10.5 million in college merit scholarships, which amounts to more than $100,000 per student. Out of those 96 seniors, 19 were recipients of the President's Academic Excellence Awards. The senior recipients each had selected a mentor and shared an inspiring reflection about the mentor. The mentors were teachers, coaches, parents, grandparents, and siblings. Many of the mentors, but not all, are Scecina alumni. All in all, seeing these mentor-student relationships reminded me of the assets that make the Scecina community unique and special - inspiration, gratitude, trust, and lifelong relationships. 

    I congratulate the parents and family members of all 77 recipients of the President's Academic Excellence Awards. These families exemplify the domestic Church, where values of prayer, compassion, acceptance, and striving to do one's best are fostered.

    Our prior recipients of the President's Academic Excellence Award are making wonderful impact in colleges, universities, and communities across our nation and world. This year's recipients will do no less. God has blessed them with an abundance of gifts to use in service.

    Congratulations once again to the Class of 2016, each of our recipients, and to all of our students for working to the best of their ability in all of their pursuits. 

    God Bless,

    Joe Therber

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