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  • Celebrating milestones

    Sister Lavonne Long


    This week, as we transition from Lent to Easter, is a good time to write about milestones. Allow me to share a few that reflect the spirit of Easter:

    Jesus is Risen! Archbishop Joseph Tobin, in his most recent message in The Criterion, writes about how Good Friday gives way to the joy of Easter: “We Christians are joyful people because we have experienced the mercy of God through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. His self-sacrificing love has saved us. It has restored us to our full dignity as children of God and brothers and sisters of all humanity — deceased, living and yet-to-be born,” he writes. “Good Friday is the pathway to Easter joy. Let’s sing ‘alleluia!’ with joyful hearts. God’s mercy has restored us and set us free! Let’s forgive others as we have been forgiven. Let’s share the joy of Easter!” Thank you, Archbishop, for helping lead us to a deeper understanding of our faith.

    Franciscan Jubilees! This Sunday, April 3, many Sisters of Saint Francis will celebrate milestone anniversaries as members of the Franciscan community in Oldenburg. Included in this lively group is Sister Lavonne Long, who celebrates 75 years as a Sister of Saint Francis. Through her tenure at Scecina and in other Catholic schools as a teacher, Principal, Director of Guidance, and personal advisor to countless friends, Sister Lavonne has been a remarkable gift to our community. I look forward to seeing her at Scecina’s Commencement again this year.

    Lilly Endowment Community Scholar! The impact of Lilly Endowment on our city and world is remarkable. Among the Endowment’s initiatives is an annual program of providing four-year, full-tuition scholarships to Indiana high school seniors based on their academic merit and other accomplishments. This year, senior Drew Tucker is among nine Lilly Endowment Community Scholars in Marion County.

    Two members of the Endowment’s interview and selection committee were so impressed with Drew as a candidate that they voluntarily came to Scecina to deliver the great news to Drew in person a week ago.

    The committee could not have made a better choice. I have known Drew since he was a really little guy. He’s gifted and caring, a hard worker who is an inspiration to his family, friends, and teachers. Drew has maintained high grades, had an outstanding football season as a senior leader and been a stand-up school citizen, even as he lost his mother, Jenny, two years ago. Congratulations, Drew.

    Blessings to you and yours during this Easter season.

    Joe Therber


  • Crusader sports teach valuable life lessons


    Each semester we honor our students who have made notable achievements on our athletic teams.

    It’s important to acknowledge our students’ hard work and dedication in sports as well as in academics. Sports help young people individually build confidence, set goals and learn to work with others as a team. Our sports teams collectively create a sense of unity and pride for our students and the greater Crusader community. Efforts and achievements in interscholastic athletics reflect our values of servant-leadership, stewardship, and excellence.

    Scecina recognizes the importance of educating our students in body, as well as spirit and mind, in order to prepare them for a fulfilling life. The vast majority of our students are involved in one or more of the IHSAA sports Scecina offers.

    This month we recognized our student-athletes from the most recent season at the annual Winter Sports Awards Night. One-hundred and fifteen students took part in cheerleading, gymnastics, swimming, wrestling and boys and girls basketball; 12 of these young athletes garnered Academic All-Conference Awards: Abby Brown, Michaela Heil, Natalie Donlan, Maggie Mayer, Bridget Delaney, Mary O’Connor, Jenna Nosek, Summer Li, Delaney Rohlman, Katie Coffey, Haley Drewes and Will Therber. Congratulations to all! (Please click here for a list of all of the athletes who were individually honored.)

    I also would like to acknowledge the coaches, volunteers, supporters, and administrators of Crusader athletics who help create this rewarding experience for our youth and encourage them to strive for excellence.

    I especially thank parents and families for supporting your children in both their athletic and academic endeavors, for making sure they attend practices, for cheering on them and their teammates at competitions, for being there when they experience the joy of victory as well as the heartache of defeat. These character-building experiences help form the type of servant-leaders Scecina wishes to send into the world.

    Thank you and God Bless,

    Joe Therber

  • Lent at Scecina: Mercy wins

    Christa Ewing (left) and Sloan Shocaroff-Jones were among 14 seniors who helped lead the school in the Stations of the Cross on Feb. 19.


    This Lenten season, the 40-day period leading to Easter, offers an excellent chance for our students and staff to have profound experiences in the practice of our Catholic faith. This Lent we at Scecina have had many opportunities to deepen our faith and discipline our hearts.

    I want to thank Director of Campus Ministry Maria Siap and Margaret Zeh-Fulford, Chair of our Catholic Theology department, for developing a multi-faceted approach to our Lenten journey this year. They chose to focus on First Corinthians, Chapter 9, in which St. Paul reminds us that, just as we must train our bodies before we can run races, we likewise must train and discipline ourselves spiritually in order to be imitators of Christ. They also chose the Lenten theme of “Mercy Wins” with an invitation to meditate on God’s mercy.

    Students have received cross bracelets.

    “The story of Easter is the story of God’s mercy for each one of us,” Mrs. Siap said. “If we want to become more like Christ, if we want to win the race, we must cultivate mercy, because Mercy Wins.”

    For Lent your children have received a cross bracelet and bib number similar to those used by runners in a race. The bracelet is a sign to remind them to keep going when they are struggling. On their bib number is a Bible verse to help them on their journey.

    On our Lenten journey so far at Scecina:

    • We celebrated Mass on Ash Wednesday to remind us that we are dust, and to dust we shall return.
    • On Feb. 19 our seniors led the school in the Stations of the Cross, the 14-step Catholic devotion in which we remember Jesus’ Passion and death.
    • With their theology classes on Feb. 26, our students experienced Adoration in St. Francis Hall Chapel. Throughout the day several faculty and administrators kept vigil with prayers over the Blessed Sacrament.
    • This week students and staff had the opportunity to experience the Sacrament of Reconciliation, or confession, thanks to several visiting priests from the East Deanery.

    We will observe Good Friday as a school on March 25 as we commemorate the death of Jesus on the cross.

    I invite you to join us on our Lenten journey through your prayers for God’s grace and mercy and, as always, for His blessings on our Scecina community.

    Joe Therber


  • Accountability: Results matter

    Junior Dominic Petrone (left) and seniors Corinne Maue and Jenna Nosek.

    We’ve all heard the term “accountability” used often in the education world in recent years. There are more efforts to hold schools and educators accountable for student progress through the public reporting of data. Also, our students are made accountable through local and standardized tests as well as regular progress reports that record how well they’re doing in their classes.

    Because so many of you invest so much in our school and our students, we want to be proactive in reporting Scecina’s results to you and being accountable and transparent. One way to accomplish this is through a Five-Year Progress Report that we plan to unveil in segments over the next few months. Many of my messages to you over this time will focus on progress in these areas: Academics, Catholic Culture, Capital Improvements, Enrollment and Finances. My plan is not only to show what we have accomplished in five years, but also to indicate some areas where we plan to improve or grow.

    At the end of this process, we will have a full Five-Year Progress Report that brings together a breadth of data and information showing how Scecina is performing on many different levels.

    We at Scecina feel good about what we have accomplished together in recent years. Of course, we know we can improve, and we strive always to be better and to do better. Through accountability and transparency, we earn the trust and confidence that binds the Crusader community together with hopefulness for our future.

    Please continue to keep our students, our staff and our school community in your prayers.


    Joe Therber


  • We're listening to you

    Latay Richardson with social studies teacher Rebeccah Lowe.


    To help Scecina move forward on a positive note, we like to gauge our community’s thoughts about the quality of a Scecina education.

    Each year we survey our parents, students, and staff, as part of our Net Promoter Score survey. To parents, we ask one simple question: “As a parent, how likely is it that you would recommend Scecina Memoria High School to your family, friends, and colleagues?” Respondents rate their likelihood to promote on a scale of 1 to 10. They explain why they selected 10 or what areas need to be addressed in order for their rating to be a 10.

    Conducting the Net Promoter Score survey, a customer loyalty metric, is an initiative of Scecina’s Strategic Growth Plan. In December we again invited you to take this survey. Thank you to all who participated.

    I’m happy to report that Scecina’s average Net Promoter Score from this recent Parent and Guardian Survey is 8.58 (out of 10). We’re very pleased with these results.

    Here are some examples of the uplifting comments from parents:

    • “We value a Catholic education and environment. I think it makes a huge difference in what is expected of the child both in behavior and grades.”
    • “I feel that Scecina is a great school academically and socially for our son. It is a big extended family who is supportive of everyone involved.”
    • “Scecina High School has some excellent educators, provides a more personal experience for those who wish, provides solid academics, offers diverse clubs, focuses on appropriate manners and faith-based values, and includes a diverse socio-economic student clientele.”
    • “Faculty really care about student achievement and it shows.”

    The survey results also list some recommended priorities, based upon your feedback. You can read more about the survey and the results at -saying.

    God bless,

    Joe Therber

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