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 President Therber can be contacted by email at or by  telephone at 317.352.3282

  • March for Life trip takes a detour


    This week we pray for a safe return home for our 24 students and the faculty chaperones who traveled to Washington, D.C., for the annual March for Life. Due to a forecasted snowstorm, the chaperones decided for the students’ safety that Scecina’s Crusaders for Life should leave Washington before the march. I want to thank our staff who organized the trip: Director of Campus Ministry Maria Siap, Catholic theology teacher Kara McCarthy, Principal John Hegarty and English teacher Rachel Shaffer.

    Thanks also to those of you who participated last month in Scecina’s successful Trivia Night, organized by Miss McCarthy. This fun event raised funds for the trip.

    Although the weather wreaked havoc, this year’s trip still was a great educational experience for our students. They left school Wednesday morning and on Thursday toured Philadelphia, a key city in the nation’s founding, where they visited Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell and the National Constitution Center. They visited the monuments in Washington, D.C., and Arlington Cemetery, where they saw the plaque bearing Father Thomas Scecina's name at Chaplains Hill.

    Scecina’s Crusaders for Life club also is active throughout the year with activities designed to introduce, engage and educate them about the issues about the sanctity of life within the context of Catholic Church teachings. In September, they attended the 33rd Celebrate Life dinner in Downtown Indianapolis as guests of John ’61 and Marilyn Schneider.

    The students will have good memories of this year’s March for Life trip, made even more memorable by the threat of a giant snowstorm! We look forward to having them back safe and sound.

    God bless,

    Joe Therber


  • New year rings in improvements at Scecina

    The new sound system will be installed in the gymnasium in January 2016, enhancing the audience experience for events such as concerts, theater performances, athletic events, award programs, school liturgies and Commencement.

    Welcome to 2016!

    The new year brings good news of some positive changes coming soon to Scecina.

    1. We will completely modernize our school library this summer into an active, collaborative, learning center for all students with a technology service desk and a technology-rich meeting room for school and community groups.

    2. A much-needed new sound system will be installed in the gymnasium this month. This update entails much more than simply adding a speaker or a microphone; it’s a significant investment that will greatly enhance the audience experience for events such as school liturgies, music concerts, theater performances, athletic events, award programs, and Commencement.

    3. We’re adding eight security cameras outside the building and have plans to install several more inside the building, creating a safer environment for students, staff and visitors.

    These improvements – all part of our Facility Master Plan -- represent a $500,000 investment in the school. We’re thankful for our generous alumni and friends; families who are faithful to tuition agreements; archdiocesan support through Indianapolis deaneries parishes; and our advancement team for making these projects possible.

    We at Scecina wish you well during the coming year and hope 2016 is a joyful one for you and your family.

    God Bless,

    Joe Therber


  • Preparing the way of the Lord

    The Exploration, Discovery and Financial Feasibility Study is an important part of the process of discerning the best path for Scecina's future.


    In our Catholic liturgical year, we are in the midst of Advent, a season of waiting and preparation for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas. “Advent” is a version of the Latin word meaning "coming.” Throughout our school, our Nativity sets are displayed without Baby Jesus to remind us that we are joyfully awaiting His coming.

    At Scecina, we also are undergoing a more earthly type of waiting and preparation as we proceed with the Capital Campaign Exploration, Discovery and Financial Feasibility Study. Over the past two weeks, more than 180 people took part in 15 input and listening sessions for this exploration and feasibility study process: staff and faculty; parents; current students and alumni; East Deanery priests and principals; future Scecina parents; archdiocesan administrators; and community and business leaders. They shared their visions and hopes for Scecina Memorial High School and asked insightful questions. Thank you to all who made your voices heard. This is an important part of the process as we as a community discern the best path for Scecina’s future.

    For clarity, please remember that we have not yet undertaken a capital campaign, but we are in an exploratory and discovery phase as we determine the feasibility of any plan. This process will continue through the first half of 2016.

    The input and listening sessions focused on the five Case Points for Consideration in the feasibility study. The five areas being considered came out of our Strategic Growth Plan priorities. They are: Academic Excellence through further professional development and performance-based compensation for teachers; a new chapel to help create an inspiring campus; an expanded endowment especially for facilities upkeep and maintenance; boosting our Godparent Program so that more students can enjoy access to a quality Catholic education; and enhancing student life through upgrades such as new outdoor athletic fields and a multipurpose facility that will reduce scheduling conflicts for our co-curricular activities and provide activity and gathering space for our Scecina and broader community.

    We will keep you informed as this process develops. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts and for keeping Scecina in your prayers.

    I wish all of you a joyous Advent as you prepare the way of the Lord and also a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Joe Therber


  • Thankful hearts for blessings at Scecina

    Scecina students load trucks with boxes of the 9,288 cans they collected for food pantries.

    Dear friends,

    Our hearts are grateful for many recent Scecina successes. This Thanksgiving, let me count some of the many blessings:

    • Club 53: Live and Local was a big success, both in generating financial support for our students for tuition assistance, student life and athletics, and also in bringing more than 500 people in our Crusader community together for a night of fellowship and fun.
    • Our weekly Student Spotlights are shining on the academic achievements of our students.
    • Three of our teachers, Mrs. Rosswurm, Mr. Getty and Mr. Smith, traveled to New Orleans for the National Council for Social Studies conference and returned re-energized to practice what they learned in their classrooms.
    • Our library modernization project is moving forward as our architect presented a refined floor plan and we develop a final financial estimate of the project’s cost.
    • Our football team won the Sectional Championship.
    • Our students exhibited generosity and Christian service by gathering 9,288 cans of food for the hungry during the Student Council’s annual canned food drive.
    • 128 fifth-graders from Holy Spirit, Little Flower, OLL and St. Michael Greenfield, as well as some Scecina students, heard from a panel of Catholics as they discussed their vocations: Father Juan Valdez of Holy Spirit; Sister Sheila Hackett of Scecina; Deacon Mike Braun, parent of Scecina alumni and archdiocesan executive director of pastoral ministries; and Steve and Joan Gutzwiller, Holy Spirit Parish.

    For all who have shared their gifts with Scecina, we thank you. We especially thank God for His many blessings. Let’s also remember the poor and the lonely at this time of year, and be inspired to serve them and others in need of mercy.

    May you and your loved ones have a joyous Thanksgiving,

    Joe Therber


  • Thank you, veterans, for your service and sacrifice

    Father Tom challenge coins.


    The country marks Veterans Day each Nov. 11 to honor men and women who’ve served the United States in our military services. For Scecina, our connection with U.S. veterans is a daily way of life as we encourage our students to follow in the footsteps of Father Thomas Scecina, a captain in the U.S. Army. But today on Veterans Day we do set aside the time to remember and to honor all of our veterans, whether they’re alumni or the siblings, parents or grandparents of our current families.

    I’d like to recognize Scecina’s Veterans Committee, which is a passionate voice for veterans within our school community, working to develop opportunities for students to honor the brave men and women of the U.S. armed services. The committee spent several years raising funds to create the Father Tom bust that earlier this year was installed in the rotunda. They also were the key factor behind the Father Tom challenge coins that will be distributed to Scecina’s graduating classes and to our veterans. You can read more about these unique coins at You also can learn more about the Veterans Committee at Thank you, Scecina veterans, for your service to our country and to our community.

    The Father Tom bust and wall, as well as the challenge coins, tell the important stories of honor and sacrifice in service of American ideals. Our children need to hear these stories so they do not take their freedoms for granted. They need to hear that there are and were real people sacrificing their own lives and liberty to protect America’s cherished freedoms for the rest of us.

    If you’re a veteran, we thank you for your service to our country. If you know any veterans, make sure today to tell them how much their service makes a difference, not only to Americans, but to the world.
    God Bless you and your families and, especially today, our veterans!

    Joe Therber


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