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 President Therber can be contacted by email at or by  telephone at 317.352.3282

  • Thankful hearts for blessings at Scecina

    Scecina students load trucks with boxes of the 9,288 cans they collected for food pantries.

    Dear friends,

    Our hearts are grateful for many recent Scecina successes. This Thanksgiving, let me count some of the many blessings:

    • Club 53: Live and Local was a big success, both in generating financial support for our students for tuition assistance, student life and athletics, and also in bringing more than 500 people in our Crusader community together for a night of fellowship and fun.
    • Our weekly Student Spotlights are shining on the academic achievements of our students.
    • Three of our teachers, Mrs. Rosswurm, Mr. Getty and Mr. Smith, traveled to New Orleans for the National Council for Social Studies conference and returned re-energized to practice what they learned in their classrooms.
    • Our library modernization project is moving forward as our architect presented a refined floor plan and we develop a final financial estimate of the project’s cost.
    • Our football team won the Sectional Championship.
    • Our students exhibited generosity and Christian service by gathering 9,288 cans of food for the hungry during the Student Council’s annual canned food drive.
    • 128 fifth-graders from Holy Spirit, Little Flower, OLL and St. Michael Greenfield, as well as some Scecina students, heard from a panel of Catholics as they discussed their vocations: Father Juan Valdez of Holy Spirit; Sister Sheila Hackett of Scecina; Deacon Mike Braun, parent of Scecina alumni and archdiocesan executive director of pastoral ministries; and Steve and Joan Gutzwiller, Holy Spirit Parish.

    For all who have shared their gifts with Scecina, we thank you. We especially thank God for His many blessings. Let’s also remember the poor and the lonely at this time of year, and be inspired to serve them and others in need of mercy.

    May you and your loved ones have a joyous Thanksgiving,

    Joe Therber


  • Thank you, veterans, for your service and sacrifice

    Father Tom challenge coins.


    The country marks Veterans Day each Nov. 11 to honor men and women who’ve served the United States in our military services. For Scecina, our connection with U.S. veterans is a daily way of life as we encourage our students to follow in the footsteps of Father Thomas Scecina, a captain in the U.S. Army. But today on Veterans Day we do set aside the time to remember and to honor all of our veterans, whether they’re alumni or the siblings, parents or grandparents of our current families.

    I’d like to recognize Scecina’s Veterans Committee, which is a passionate voice for veterans within our school community, working to develop opportunities for students to honor the brave men and women of the U.S. armed services. The committee spent several years raising funds to create the Father Tom bust that earlier this year was installed in the rotunda. They also were the key factor behind the Father Tom challenge coins that will be distributed to Scecina’s graduating classes and to our veterans. You can read more about these unique coins at You also can learn more about the Veterans Committee at Thank you, Scecina veterans, for your service to our country and to our community.

    The Father Tom bust and wall, as well as the challenge coins, tell the important stories of honor and sacrifice in service of American ideals. Our children need to hear these stories so they do not take their freedoms for granted. They need to hear that there are and were real people sacrificing their own lives and liberty to protect America’s cherished freedoms for the rest of us.

    If you’re a veteran, we thank you for your service to our country. If you know any veterans, make sure today to tell them how much their service makes a difference, not only to Americans, but to the world.
    God Bless you and your families and, especially today, our veterans!

    Joe Therber


  • Well-deserved honors for Scecina teacher, alumnus

    President Joe Therber presented English teacher Pat Tucker with the Father Tom Service Award on Oct. 23.

    Today I'd like to introduce two people from our Scecina community who recently have earned some special honors.

    Mrs. Pat Tucker, English teacher, received the Father Tom Service Award at our annual Father Tom Mass on Oct. 23. As her daughter Bridget, Class of 2003, wrote us:  "She pushes (her students) toward excellence and holds them up when they need a hand. She expects students to live up to the potential she sees in them." Pat certainly is deserving of this award for "giving that extra" to Scecina over the years.

    Bob Cathcart, Scecina Class of 1978, was inducted into DePauw University's Athletics Hall of Fame this month. Bob, who graduated from DePauw in 1982, was a linebacker for the Tigers. At Scecina, he played linebacker and tight end, earned All-City and All-State Honors and was named to the 1978 Indiana All-Star football squad. Four of his siblings also graduated from Scecina: Pat Duncan '74,;Tom '77, Joe '80, and Bill '82. Bob now is senior vice president of global sales for Hansen Medical in the Greater New York City area.

    I hope you can join us for Club 53 on Saturday night, Nov. 14, in our gymnasium. This fun night benefits our students through providing support for tuition assistance, athletics and student life.

    Also, congratulations to the Crusaders for their Sectional Semifinal victory in football on Oct. 30. They play Heritage Christian  at 7 p.m. Friday at Heritage for the Sectional Championship.

    God bless,

    Joe Therber


  • Celebrating our students' diverse gifts

    The boys soccer team beat third-ranked Cardinal Ritter, and made it to the Sectional championship game.

    Fall Greetings!

    Our students are taking a deserved break after weeks of studying and tests as the first grading period comes to an end.

    Congratulations to them and to our teachers for all the hard work in the classrooms so far this semester.

    Meanwhile, many of our student-athletes are embracing competition on the fields and courts during their break from classes.

    • Last weekend, our boys soccer team finished an exciting season, including a 2-1 victory on Sept. 24 over Cardinal Ritter, which was ranked third in the state. The Crusaders made it to the Sectional championship last Saturday before losing to Central Christian Academy.
    • The volleyball team capped off its regular season this week with a sweep over Herron and heads to the Sectionals against Broad Ripple on Thursday at Speedway High School.
    • The boys tennis team came in second in the ICC conference this season.
    • We honored 60 senior student-athletes of fall sports and band members during Senior Night before Friday's final regular-season football game. These young people have successfully balanced practices and games with studying and books during their four years at Scecina.

    Congratulations to all of our fall sports athletes and good luck. Our athletic teams contribute to the overall success of our school and our students by instilling the values of hard work, preparation and perseverance that young people need to be successful in life.

    God has given our students many diverse talents, and we are called to help them develop and be good stewards of those talents. Next week, our Advanced choir and Orchestra, under the direction of Donnie Glowinski, will present their second annual Sacred Music Festival at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 21, at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish. We hope you can make time for this uplifting musical experience.

    Thank you and God bless,

    Joe Therber


  • Scecina students shine in community events

    Scecina students spread out throughout Indianapolis on Sept. 21 to perform service. This group spent the day partnering with Shepherd Community Center in cleaning up the neighboring area on Indy's Eastside.


    Every day the teachers and staff get to see what great students we have here at Scecina and observe their individual gifts and talents.In the past few weeks, others in our community also have seen first-hand what the young people at Scecina have to offer our world at large.

    First, senior Austin Keogh and freshman Chad Lightbourne were invited to attend a Sept. 16 event on education called "Ready for Success," sponsored by the Mayor's Front Porch Alliance.

    Austin represented Scecina on a panel of student leaders from local high schools in a discussion with U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan about community engagement and closing the achievement gap. Also taking part in the program were Scecina parent Mike O'Connor of Eli Lilly & Co. and Michael Twyman, program leader for Indy Black Expo's "Your Life Matters."

    Austin not only represented Scecina well, he spoke highly of his school and mentioned Scecina's commitment to Christian service in the community. He was able to pose a question to Secretary Duncan about how the secretary, when traveling and speaking to diverse groups, is able to find common ground. The secretary noted that Austin's question was one of the most insightful he has been asked.

    The second event was Scecina's Day of Service on Sept. 21. Our young people traveled to sites all over the city performing jobs small and large to help the nonprofit agencies in our community. At one of the sites, the Ransburg YMCA, the next day three administrators told me what a great job our students did there. Thank you to our campus minister, Maria Siap, and all of our staff for providing these Christian Service experiences for our students.

    These are wonderful examples of how we are working together with you, the parents and guardians, to help our students grow into servant-leaders and to prepare them for life.

    Thank you and God bless,

    Joe Therber

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