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 President Therber can be contacted by email at or by  telephone at 317.352.3282

  • Crusader Spirit

    This week, our Crusader gridiron squad prepares to take the field in the Semi-State Championship Game on Friday night versus Linton-Stockton. I want to make note of the true Crusader Spirit that marks our football team and numerous other school endeavors.

    Last week, we held our Open House for prospective students and families. 195 guests attended the event. Our student guests ranged from grades 5 to 11, and they hailed from 20 different schools in our community. Our Advancement Staff, Student Ambassadors, parent volunteers, faculty, and staff did a tremendous job of displaying Crusader hospitality and spirit.

    The football team itself showed the spirit and resiliency that has marked its season since spring and summer workouts. The team has played in a variety of weather situations and has battled a host of injuries leading to numerous on-the-field playing combinations all season.

    Yesterday, at a CYO Boys Cadet “A” Basketball Pre-Season Tournament game, I had the pleasure of visiting with an alumnus from our Class of 1989 and the Saint Michael—Greenfield Class of 1985. This individual, an accomplished professional and active parishioner in the Indianapolis West Deanery, remarked that he is now President of the Parish Council in his parish. He then said, “If I learned one thing at Scecina, it’s that you have to get involved.”

    During the next game of the tournament, I visited with another alumnus from the late 1970’s. This graduate has a son who is in the 8th grade at an area Catholic school. He said, “Scecina would be a great fit for my son. It would give him the personalized attention and opportunities to grow that he needs.”

    Just a week ago, our Strategic Growth Planning initiative continued with the first in a series of workshops for our Planning Area Teams. 98 participants attended! We had strong representation from parents, school staff, alumni, and friends. The initiative will continue through next spring. A couple current projects within the overall project are satisfaction surveys for current school families and staff. I look forward to the results!

    As Thanksgiving approaches, thank you very much for your Crusader Spirit. We are in the midst of our Giving Back, Looking Forward annual appeal with $330,000 pledged toward our minimum goal of $678,000. To the people whose generosity has brought us to this point, thank you very much! If you have not yet had an opportunity to make a difference, please respond as generously as you can when you hear from us.

    Go Crusaders!
    Joe Therber

  • Scecina Earns Grade "A" Once Again

    Earlier this year, the Indiana Department of Education expanded its school report card criteria to include college and career readiness, graduation rates, and End of Course Assessment data. Our newest school “A” rating from the Department of Education presents an opportunity to congratulate hundreds of people.

    First and foremost, our current and very recent students earned this accomplishment; they deserve our most sincere recognition. Their parents, who are students’ first and primary educators, are foundational to their children’s and our school success. Congratulations and thank you, students and parents!

    Day in and day out, our dedicated faculty and staff work tirelessly. We have a magnificent group of educators who value continuous improvement and our students’ growth in spirit, mind, and body. They deserve our public thanks, especially Principal John Hegarty—our instructional leader—and all members of our faculty and support staff. Please read a message from Mr. Hegarty with academic data at

    Alongside our instructional staff is a group of professionals who carefully invite and steward our friends’ gifts of time, talent, and treasure so that we can provide outstanding programs and services every day.
    Like the cars we drive, a Catholic school relies on energy for the journey. Our alumni and friends who generously contribute their God-given time, talent, and treasure—energy for educational success, you might say—are invaluable partners in our ministry.

    We are a school ministry of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. We are accountable to the Archbishop, to one another, and, ultimately, to the God of Creation who has endowed us with abundant gifts for building the Kingdom among us.
    In the Catholic Christian tradition, an accountable steward gives thanks to God and generously, increasingly shares his or her gifts in service to one’s brothers and sisters. We will continue to set our sights even higher while thanking you for making us the best Catholic school that we can possibly be. Thank You!

    Joe Therber

  • Gymnasium Improvements Impress

    We announce with great pleasure the newest in a multi-year series of capital improvements to benefit our students’ academic and co-curricular experience. The generosity of friends of Scecina Memorial High School has resulted in many recent updates and upgrades to our multi-purpose gymnasium. The gymnasium, as you know, is where we hold weekly Mass, physical education classes, athletic practices and competitions, Back to School Night, friend-raising events, special assemblies, the Scholar Athlete Awards Program, Senior Awards Day, Commencement, and other memorable experiences.

    During the last two weeks, professional painters applied sparkling coats of cardinal and gold paint throughout the gym. Our school colors are truly evident! New protective padding for both ends of the gym floor is on order, and new glass backboards have been installed. The stage walls have been re-painted in anticipation of musical auditions and performances, and the stage floor now has new carpet and has been freshly painted. A couple finishing details remain, such as re-painting the Football State Championship signs. All the way around, this project is a beautiful upgrade to our campus and continues the strong facility improvement momentum that has been in place for many years thanks to our loyal supporters, Facilities Committee, staff, and other partners.

    I hope you will soon see and experience these updates! Thank you for your support of our school, and Go Crusaders!

    Joe Therber

  • Charity: Sharing Our God-Given Gifts


    As a way to communicate with you, this blog will be an avenue for sharing news and views regarding Scecina Memorial High School. I look forward to starting this endeavor and welcome your comments and suggestions along the way.

    The opening of the blog coincides with the memorial that our Church celebrates this week to the life of Saint Vincent de Paul. This valiant figure was renowned for his compassion, humility and generosity. He is known to many as the "Great Apostle of Charity".

    Charity, as we know, comes in many shapes and sizes. It can be in the form of donating money and items to a person who is in material need. It can mean lending a compassionate ear or standing up for a person whom others may unfairly critique.

    Above all, being charitable means making the world a better place through the generous and responsible sharing of our time, talents, and treasures for God’s glory and the good of our neighbor. As we contemplate and advance the mission of Scecina Memorial High School, may charity be a hallmark of our efforts to help our diverse community of students grow as servants and leaders. In the lives of heroic figures such as Father Thomas Scecina and Saint Vincent de Paul, we have powerful role models of charity!

    We’ll stay in touch!

    Joe Therber

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