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 President Therber can be contacted by email at or by  telephone at 317.352.3282

  • Veterans Day


    Today is a day of great significance, both to our country and to our school. Today, of course, is Veterans Day!

    We are all beneficiaries of our military veterans’ patriotism and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good. In all probability, each of us has the blessing of knowing a United States military veteran through friendship or family relationships—or both.

    These valiant men and women deserve our immense and unwavering thanks and respect. Our country, with its freedom of religion and numerous other life-enhancing opportunities, has faced numerous and dangerous threats through the years. Since our country’s earliest days, thousands of military veterans have defended and successfully protected our liberties and our lives.

    How fortunate we are to serve the mission of a school named for a priest of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis and United States military chaplain who died courageously and unselfishly in the line of duty during World War II. As a patriot and Christian servant leader, Father Thomas Scecina lived in such a way that Archbishop Paul Schulte opened this great high school in 1953 in Father Scecina’s honor.

    Each day when our students and staff begin at 7:30 a.m. with the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance and School Prayer, may we be mindful of our past, present, and future military veterans. Equally, may we all seek to imitate, not just respect, Father Thomas Scecina in our lives.

    When you pledge and pray, every now and again, please say a word (or more) of profound thanks for our military veterans, including the priest chaplain whose name we bear as alumni, parents, grandparents, students, faculty, support staff, administrators, volunteers, and other friends of Scecina Memorial High School.

    Happy Veterans Day, and Go Crusaders!


    Joe Therber

  • Our Catholic Faith

    With his Apostolic Letter of October 11, 2011, Pope Benedict XVI declared that a "Year of Faith" would begin on October 11, 2012 and conclude on November 24, 2013.

    In support of the "Year of Faith", the Archdiocese of Indianapolis recently released "10 Things We Want You to Know About the Catholic Faith."

    Educating our students in the Catholic tradition and promoting Catholic values is at the heart of our mission. 72% of Scecina Memorial students are Catholic, and we are proud to serve families of other faith backgrounds as well. Our diversity in faith provides a fertile environment to grow and support the efforts of our East Deanery parishes and schools in bringing Jesus' good news to the world.

    I invite you to read "10 Things We Want You to Know About the Catholic Faith" by visiting the Archdiocese of Indianapolis website.

    Thank you for your continued support and belief in Scecina Memorial High School during this "Year of Faith".


    Joe Therber

  • New Year, Enrollment Up

    Dear Scecina Memorial Community,

    The new school year of forming, informing, and transforming our students is fully in session. God has graced us once again with many blessings!

    Enrollment is 406 students, representing a 25% increase since 2009 and our highest figure in 12 years. We welcomed a freshmen class of 123 students, marking the second consecutive year that freshmen enrollment exceeded 100 students.

    Our freshmen, transfer, and returning students will be the first Crusaders to benefit from our new Strategic Growth Plan. Implementation priorities will focus on enhancing our Catholic Culture, Post-Secondary Preparation, Technology, Facilities, Enrollment Management, Finance, and Development.

    The Archdiocese of Indianapolis administration, many of whom participated in the planning process, is reviewing the plan that our Board of Directors submitted in June for formal approval. After receiving the archdiocesan response, we will inform our community and begin implementation.

    New or expanded academic offerings this year include the start of a new four-year biomedical sciences curriculum; new fine arts classes; additional science and math courses to meet enrollment growth and state requirements; and a life preparation class for freshmen. In addition, students in Yearbook and Television Production classes will assist with social media and website development.

    During the summer, we completed $350,000 in capital improvements to our school building. These improvements included new lighting and/or painting in 22 classrooms; a complete renovation of our girls locker room; new light and ceilings in our Journalism Lab and Physics/Anatomy classroom; and structural improvements in the gymnasium. During the last eight years, we have invested more than $3 million in educational and infrastructural enhancements for our students.

    Our alumni and friends once again invested in our mission in significant ways last year, and students' families were extremely faithful in fulfilling their tuition plans. I am pleased to report that income again exceeded expenses. In addition, we deposited funds into our reserve accountso that we can continue to deliver relevant programs and plan for future opportunities.

    Thank you all for your prayers and support. A unique and enduring hallmark of Scecina Memorial High School is the generosity of our alumni and friends. Please keep us in your prayers, knowing that we will do the same for you.


    Joe Therber

  • Top 10 + 1

    The Crusader Class of 2013 recently completed their high school careers with many stellar accomplishments! Gratefully, I congratulate and extend all best wishes to all of these fine young people as the next chapters in their promising young lives unfold. If I were to make a “Top 10 + 1” list of positive news during the past year that has meaning to our students, parents, alumni, and friends, it would look like this:

    1. Elizabeth (Betsy) Griffin, a member of Holy Spirit Parish and the daughter of Kevin and Maureen Griffin, was named one of only 40 Indiana Academic All-Stars by the Indianapolis Star.
    2. Athletically, the softball team is 2013 State Champions; the football team was 2012 State Runner-Up; the boys basketball team earned a regional appearance; and numerous individual student-athletes advanced to the regional or semi-state levels of the IHSAA state tournament.
    3. We have created a Vice Principal position that will focus on faculty professional development, student retention, campus security, and student activities. Mr. Francisco Gomez, a member of the Class of 1998, began his duties in this role on July 1, 2013.
    4. We will begin the first year of a four-year biomedical sciences curriculum in the fall of 2013 through a unique partnership with Project Lead the Way.
    5. We are projecting our second consecutive freshmen class of 100+ students.
    6. The Giving Back, Looking Forward annual appeal is at 105 percent of goal through contributions of more than $733,000 from generous alumni and friends.
    7. The recent Alumni Golf Classic that funds the annual Ken Leffler Scholarship reached its financial goal.
    8. The school building has wireless internet access throughout the building for the benefit of our students, teachers, and guests.
    9. We are performing approximately $300,000 of capital improvements through financial and in-kind support this summer.
    10. In the context of all the above accomplishments, and more, we are projecting our fourth consecutive operating surplus.

    + 1 AND we have submitted our proposed Strategic Growth Plan to the Archdiocese of Indianapolis for review and approval following a year-long initiative that engaged more than 200 members of our community in envisioning and shaping a shared and exciting vision for our future. Please look for more information later this summer or fall.

    Thank you for supporting our unique mission of educating students in the inspiring footsteps of Father Thomas Scecina. May God richly bless you always, including our celebration on July 4th of the freedoms that He has freely and generously given us.

  • Heading Toward Commencement

    Baccalaureate and Commencement ceremonies for the Class of 2013 are less than a month away. As these milestones approach, I am impacted by the depth and breadth of accomplishments and potential in our Senior Class. Having come to know many of these fine young men and women, I truly appreciate their tremendous God-given gifts, their keen intellects and insights, and the camaraderie that they enjoy. Soon, the Class of 2013 will be Crusader alumni!

    A couple weeks ago, more than 600 Crusader alumni and friends made our annual Club 53 event a tremendous success. Dedicated volunteers, donors, staff, and business partners created a wonderful night of fun and fellowship for hundreds of Scecina supporters and, ultimately, for our students.

    If you are wondering where the event name, Club 53, comes from, the answer is pretty simple. Our first freshman class began their careers at Scecina in the fall of 1953—thus the name Club 53. We are grateful for our pioneering students and alumni in Catholic education on the Eastside of Indianapolis.
    Looking ahead, our committed Board of Directors will soon review and vote upon a Strategic Growth Plan for Scecina Memorial High School. More than 200 community members have helped to build this plan since last summer. At this time, the Board anticipates receiving a proposed plan in June for discussion and a vote of approval at the June 25 Board meeting.

    The planning process has been a powerful experience that continues to foster dreams, realistic thinking, and engagement in a vibrant future for our school. Please look for more information later during the summer months.

    During this season of First Communions, Mothers’ Day, family gatherings, sporting events, and Commencements, please savor the many opportunities to celebrate and give thanks!

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