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Right to Life Week

Today’s activity will be a life-focused Mass. You will notice Right to Life group members reading and serving at Mass. You will also notice that today’s petitions have a focus on life. Weather permitting, after school today, the Right to Life club will be installing a display on the front lawn to represent the number of babies aborted. 

On Friday, we will be hosting an all-school assembly featuring Michael Spencer of  the Life Training Institute. This organization “trains Christians and pro-life advocates to persuasively defend their views in the marketplace of ideas by clearly presenting the pro-life position in live events and through the full use of modern media including the internet, radio, television, and the publication of books and articles” (

The Red and Gold show will also be airing a special package about the Right to Life group this week available here.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any of the Right to Life students about this week’s mission and activities. One of our goals as a group is to be able to articulate our pro-life views in a clear respectful manner. The students should be able to answer your questions.

Also, please encourage any students who are moved by this week’s activities and/or have expressed interest in getting involved with the pro-life group to come see me. Our next meeting is next Thursday, April 25 @7 am in my room.