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Scecina Earns Grade "A" Once Again

Earlier this year, the Indiana Department of Education expanded its school report card criteria to include college and career readiness, graduation rates, and End of Course Assessment data. Our newest school “A” rating from the Department of Education presents an opportunity to congratulate hundreds of people.

First and foremost, our current and very recent students earned this accomplishment; they deserve our most sincere recognition. Their parents, who are students’ first and primary educators, are foundational to their children’s and our school success. Congratulations and thank you, students and parents!

Day in and day out, our dedicated faculty and staff work tirelessly. We have a magnificent group of educators who value continuous improvement and our students’ growth in spirit, mind, and body. They deserve our public thanks, especially Principal John Hegarty—our instructional leader—and all members of our faculty and support staff. Please read a message from Mr. Hegarty with academic data at

Alongside our instructional staff is a group of professionals who carefully invite and steward our friends’ gifts of time, talent, and treasure so that we can provide outstanding programs and services every day.
Like the cars we drive, a Catholic school relies on energy for the journey. Our alumni and friends who generously contribute their God-given time, talent, and treasure—energy for educational success, you might say—are invaluable partners in our ministry.

We are a school ministry of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. We are accountable to the Archbishop, to one another, and, ultimately, to the God of Creation who has endowed us with abundant gifts for building the Kingdom among us.
In the Catholic Christian tradition, an accountable steward gives thanks to God and generously, increasingly shares his or her gifts in service to one’s brothers and sisters. We will continue to set our sights even higher while thanking you for making us the best Catholic school that we can possibly be. Thank You!

Joe Therber