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Scecina graduates prepared for the future

A Scecina Memorial High School diploma,        a passport to a bright future


At Scecina Memorial High School, we focus on preparing our students for college and for life in our Catholic Christian environment. For four years, we help them grow in knowledge, faith and wisdom as they develop into young adults ready for the next step that God offers them.

I really cherish seeing where those next steps lead.

I had the pleasure recently of visiting the University of Dayton to attend a senior piano recital by Jonathan Higgins, Scecina’s 2012 valedictorian. Jonathan will graduate next month and then head to St. Michael Catholic Church in Greenfield to lead its music ministry program.

Jonny’s recital was a beautiful capstone experience for his K-16 educational career, every year of which has been in a Catholic school, first at Our Lady of Lourdes School, then at Scecina, and now at the University of Dayton. He beautifully wove elements of faith, academics, music, mission, and family together into a moving experience.

As yet another Scecina Commencement day nears, I have an update on how some other Scecina graduates -- students from our Class of 2015 -- are doing.

Robert “Bo” Leszcynski, last year’s valedictorian, also is at the University of Dayton, where he is studying biochemistry and “enjoying every minute of it, “ he says. “The education I received at Scecina has given me such a huge head start that I literally could not have imagined a year ago – not just a basis for college subject material, but also in how to manage my time wisely and interact with teachers. Those are just two of the many skills Scecina was able to give me.”

Caroline Sausser, last year’s salutatorian, is at Miami University in Ohio, where she is pursuing a double major in Classical Studies and Classical Languages. The credits she earned by taking Scecina’s Advancement Placement courses and the AP exams elevated her to sophomore class status and allowed her to take on multiple upper-level courses as a freshman at Miami. “Thanks to Scecina and my AP classes, I had good study habits and was prepared; I could balance school with extracurricular and social activities, and I know how to develop positive relationships with faculty,” she wrote.

Jessi Ryan, a top 10 student from the Class of 2015, made the Dean’s List at the University of Kentucky, where she is majoring in neuroscience and psychology with plans to attend medical school. “I would say the higher-level classes I took my junior and senior year (at Scecina) definitely prepared me, especially for all the math and chemistry,” she said. “I also had a lot of credits from AP coming into the UK, so I got to skip a lot of typical freshman 100 level classes.”

Each of these young people was a recipient of the President's Academic Excellence Award while at Scecina. They owe their success to their parents and to their own hard work. We are proud to have partnered with their families during their time at Scecina. We are truly proud of our dedicated staff that works diligently to prepare our students for the opportunities and challenges that lie before them.

The Class of 2016 is about to embark on a similar journey. Like so many Scecina classes before them, they have been accepted at top universities and offered many scholarships. We’ll be letting you know more about these achievements in the next month.

Thank you, Scecina families, for trusting us to help prepare your children for the future.

God Bless,

Joe Therber