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Scecina Parent Ambassador Team

Our Parent Ambassadors help out at various events throughout the school year, like student orientation.

The role of parental involvement in education is a key element for student success. We at Scecina honor the role of parents and guardians as the first and primary educators of their children.

Actively engaged parents are critical in helping establish and sustain healthy, ongoing relationships among students, parents and school staff. Therefore, we are forming a new organization known as the Scecina Parent Ambassador Team.

The Parent Ambassador Team will have four focus areas. These areas, with an example for each category, are:

1. School and Family Communication: Welcome calls to new families

2. Special Events: Open House and Club 53 involvement

3. Affirming School Staff: Back to School Night dinner for staff and Teacher Appreciation Week luncheon

4. Legislative Affairs: Keeping school families informed of legislative opportunities that have the potential to impact Catholic schools like Scecina.

We would define a good parent leader as someone who:

  • Believes in the mission of Scecina.
  • Will enlist other volunteers and is a good delegator.
  • Likes to affirm and thank fellow volunteers.
  • Will work collaboratively with the school staff.


If you have questions about the Parent Ambassador Team, please feel free to contact President Joe Therber  ( or Julanne Sausser (, the current chairperson.

Again, we value your input and your involvement in our school. 

Sincerely yours,

Joe Therber