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Scecina receives award for diversity, academics

Scecina Memorial High School has been recognized with a School Excellence Award by the Indianapolis Urban League (IUL).

The Indianapolis Urban League is deeply committed to educational excellence and innovation in all schools regardless of venue or type. Scecina was among nine schools to receive this year’s awards. The IUL recognizes traditional public schools, charter schools, and innovation schools as well as private schools such as Scecina. The IUL gave out its award at a luncheon on Nov. 29. 

The IUL started the program three years ago, said Mark Russell, director of Education and Advocacy for the IUL. “Having all this emphasis on the divisions among the types of schools, we support excellence in all venues, and that was the reason behind the luncheon,” Russell said.

The IUL honors schools that:

1) Serve a diverse array of students in terms of free and reduced lunch price students, students and families that are English Language Learners, and students that are racially and ethnically diverse.

2) Have excellent/high reading or other standardized assessment scores.

3) Have initiatives or target students that set them apart from their contemporaries.

Russell cited several reasons for Scecina’s honor, including its A rating from the Indiana Department of Education and its Health Occupations class in partnership with Community Hospital East, which combines classroom instruction and real-life experience inside the health system.

“It is great to be recognized for our efforts to provide an excellent education to young people on the Eastside of Indianapolis and throughout the city,” said Scecina President Joe Therber. “The recognition we received will spur us to work even harder in the future.”

The mission of the IUL is to assist African-Americans, other minorities, and disadvantaged individuals to achieve social and economic equality. It is one of more than 90 local affiliates of the National Urban League.