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Scecina recognizes students' academic achievements

There were 19 recipients of the President's Academic Excellence Award in the Class of 2016, who graduated on May 27, the 60th commencement.

Dear Scecina parents and friends,

On April 25, we held a fantastic student recognition event at Scecina. Started in 2001, the President's Academic Excellence Awards Program has become a wonderful annual event to recognize the students in each class who have the Top Ten grade point averages or grade point averages of 4.0 or higher.

This year, we recognized 77 freshmen through senior students! These young men and women truly exemplify outstanding academic achievement. They work hard, are dedicated student leaders, are involved in numerous co-curricular activities, serve in our community beyond Scecina, are very principled, and are future leaders.

The Class of 2016 was awarded more than $10.5 million in college merit scholarships, which amounts to more than $100,000 per student. Out of those 96 seniors, 19 were recipients of the President's Academic Excellence Awards. The senior recipients each had selected a mentor and shared an inspiring reflection about the mentor. The mentors were teachers, coaches, parents, grandparents, and siblings. Many of the mentors, but not all, are Scecina alumni. All in all, seeing these mentor-student relationships reminded me of the assets that make the Scecina community unique and special - inspiration, gratitude, trust, and lifelong relationships. 

I congratulate the parents and family members of all 77 recipients of the President's Academic Excellence Awards. These families exemplify the domestic Church, where values of prayer, compassion, acceptance, and striving to do one's best are fostered.

Our prior recipients of the President's Academic Excellence Award are making wonderful impact in colleges, universities, and communities across our nation and world. This year's recipients will do no less. God has blessed them with an abundance of gifts to use in service.

Congratulations once again to the Class of 2016, each of our recipients, and to all of our students for working to the best of their ability in all of their pursuits. 

God Bless,

Joe Therber