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Scecina Seniors Attend Leadership Camp

This summer over 30 Scecina seniors took part in a three-day leadership weekend at Bradford Woods Camp in Martinsville, IN. The weekend is a kick-off for their senior year.  Students took part in a variety of tasks from building a fire, climbing a tower, and jumping from scary heights; to perhaps the most challenging task, building a raft. This year one of the three teams successfully built a raft and all three teams were able to complete the fire building challenge. 

The evenings were reserved for taking the skills they learned during the day and applying them toward planning for the school year.  The seniors set some goals for themselves as well as for the entire school. The enthusiasm was contagious and the planning time helped Freshmen Orientation and the fall sports season get off to a great start.

The class of 2011 showed a lot determination at camp. On the tower climb, some went as far as telling people "even if I'm crying, don't let me down until I have reached the top," while others climbed as far as they could and then reached to their classmates at the top for instructions or to be physically lifted up. That kind of determination and teamwork will certainly help make the class of 2011 the kind of senior class that will long be remembered.