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Scecina staff, faculty reflect upon the role of Catholic educators


I hope you’ve had a great summer and been able to recharge and relax during the break. 

As I’ve written before, we undertook a significant summer project to modernize 24 classrooms at Scecina. When the students come back to school, they’ll see the improvements in their classrooms. These include new floors, ceilings, windows and blinds, as well as fresh paint and a few other touch-ups. 

Just as we have refreshed our school building, the staff and faculty also need to renew before the new school year starts. We did just that at the annual mini-retreat this week. Thanks to new Director of Campus Ministry, Amy Noser, for her work in organizing a productive, relaxing and fun retreat. It was a perfect setting and a perfect night for socializing and reflecting upon on our roles as Catholic educators. Parable of the Sower: Photo illustration of seeds being planed by hand

Our special retreat guest, Deacon Rick Wagner, who has had a long career in Catholic education, spoke about the Parable of the Sower, who spread seed upon different types of soil (Matthew 13:1-9). Deacon Rick challenged us with a question: What type of soil are we providing for the young people entrusted to us? 

Deacon Rick also told the story of the young rich man who asked how he could follow Jesus (Matthew 19:16-22). Jesus’ reply was for him to sell everything and give the money to the poor. This story, Deacon Rick explained, shows us how our work is never finished. We must get up each day prepared for the opportunity to mold young lives. Catholic educators are required to do more than check tasks off a list, he said. We instead are to seek and develop the dignity and beauty that are in every student. 

“We’re not Catholic educators because of what we do,” he said. “We’re Catholic educators because of who we are.” 

This school year, as we welcome new families, faculty, and a new principal, Dr. Joe Brettnacher, we also renew our pledge to be that fertile soil our young people need to learn, grow, and go forth to transform the world inspired by the light of Christ. 

God Bless, 

Joe Therber