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Scecina strengthens community engagement

Conrad Cortellini 


A New Year’s question: Do you know what a fractal is? Fractal is a word you will be hearing a lot more of at Scecina, thanks to Conrad Cortellini. Besides being an enthusiastic graduate of Scecina, Class of 1961, Conrad is an accomplished architect and artist who soon will take up residence at our school with a studio on the lower hall across from the visual arts room. 

Conrad is in the process of building a Feedback Fractal. At 34 feet by 24 feet, it will be perhaps the world’s largest paper sculpture. He plans to build more of the project at Scecina. You can learn more about Conrad’s project at 

A fractal, according to, “is a never-ending pattern. Fractals are infinitely complex patterns that are . . . created by repeating a simple process over and over in an ongoing feedback loop.” 

Scecina’s unique partnership with Conrad holds all sorts of potential to engage current and prospective students and the wider community in exploring the skills and life lessons that art can teach.  There’s a community aspect to the project; students, staff, alumni, and friends can be involved in building parts of the sculpture.

“I personally am quite excited about the prospects this opportunity represents,” Conrad wrote in his newsletter, Metaphor. 

Speaking of feedback loops (an element of fractals), thank you to our students, parents, and staff members who participated in our Net Promoter Score survey recently. The results are in, and I will be sharing summaries with the community later this month on our website and in communications directly to the students, parents, and staff. 

Finally, as an Eastside anchor institution, Scecina has joined with Community Hospital East, Lutheran Child and Family Services, and the Jane Pauley Community Health Center to apply for a matching grant through a pilot initiative of the Indy Chamber and the Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership (INHP). This wonderful opportunity is a quality-of-life initiative that focuses on helping anchor institutions’ employees who want to live close to where they work. I will share more updates during the next couple months after more dialogue with the INHP and the Indy Chamber. 

Thank you for your prayers and ongoing support of the great students at Scecina Memorial High School! 

Joe Therber