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Scecina Welcomes Loyola University

This fall, Scecina welcomes dozens of colleges and universities to visit our students here on campus. College Admission Representatives may host a table at lunch, visit or present to a small group of students during the school day, or both.

Today we were happy to welcome Ms. Kristina Smith of Loyola University. Ms. Smith met with a small group of senior students to share the benefits of a Loyola University education. Thank you, Ms. Smith!

Scecina is committed to providing unique opportunities for our students to explore options in post-secondary education. Below are colleges and universities scheduled to visit Scecina this fall--with many more to come:

  • 9/19 Marian University
  • 9/16 University of Indianapolis
  • 9/19 St. Mary of the Woods
  • 9/19 Indiana University
  • 9/24 Franklin College
  • 10/3 Hanover College
  • 10/8 University of Dayton
  • 10/10 Valparaiso University
  • 10/14 Indiana State University
  • 10/22 Ball State University