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An update from the SWC chair-May 3, 2017

Some of the founding members of the Scecina Women's Circle, led by chairwoman Nancy (Wagner) Leming '85, during Lunch with President on March 23.

Our Lunch with the President on March 23 was a great success (right).  Joe Therber took this opportunity to thank the members present for their support. 

I was very proud to announce that we met our goal of raising $20,000 to support Student Life at Scecina for the 2016-17 school year. At the meeting, and through an electronic vote, our members decided to designate those funds to our Student Retreat programs. This is really a wonderful way that the Scecina Women’s Circle will directly impact the student experience here. 

In addition to our seniors’ Christian Awakening Retreat, all underclassmen participate in meaningful retreats that not only reinforce our Catholic faith at Scecina, but also support each student’s individual faith journey. 

So thank you, ladies, for choosing to use our funds in this way. We currently have 45 members, and always welcome more! Click here to see a listing of our members. 

Second, we now move to choosing a recipient of the first annual Scecina Women’s Circle Scholarship. We asked our seniors to write an essay titled “A Life Lesson Learned During My Time At Scecina”, and they responded beautifully. Committed members will review the essays and recommend our first annual Scecina Women’s Circle Scholarship recipient. We will award $1,000 from the Scecina Women’s Circle to help a deserving senior get a head start on the next chapter of their life. The award will be presented on Awards Day at 1 p.m. May 24 in the gym. 

Finally, I am excited to announce that Laurie Burns McRobbie, Indiana University’s first lady (right), will be joining the Scecina Women’s Circle on June 21. Laurie is passionate about philanthropy, and specifically about the importance of women who give to meaningful causes. She will speak to us about her experiences in women’s philanthropy and what she sees as our bright future. Click here to read more about Laurie. 

It has been an exciting first year, and I am energized by our momentum. 

Nancy (Wagner) Leming ‘85 
Chair, Scecina Women’s Circle 

For more information about the Scecina Women’s Circle, please contact 

What is the Women's Circle?

  • This philanthropic group began with a desire to organize the vital resource that is our Scecina women. 
  • Together we are stronger. By working and giving together, we will accomplish much more. 
    • We will reinforce the community bonds that are so meaningful at Scecina. 
    • We will model for our students the important influence of women in philanthropy. 
    • We will provide financial support to programs that impact Student Life at Scecina.

To join, please submit with your online payment here and make sure to note Scecina Women's Circle in the comments box.

Or you can mail a check to: Attn: Jean Donlan, Scecina Memorial High School at 5000 Nowland Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46201. You can download a pledge card here.