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  • Scecina Teacher Spotlight: Jeff Getty, social studies, Marine Corps veteran

    By Beth Murphy, Director of Marketing Communications 

    Jeff Getty came to Scecina in roundabout way. After graduating from high school, he didn’t go straight to college but instead enlisted in the Marines. It was 2003, the post 9/11 era. More about that later.

    Now at Scecina for four years, he’s found his passion: teaching high school. He finds a connection with teenagers, and he also brings his military experience to his teaching in varied ways.... Read More

  • Scecina junior enjoys challenge of Advanced Placement courses

    By Beth Murphy, Director of Marketing Communications 

    Ingrid Ruiz is an AP machine. 

    The Scecina junior is taking four AP (Advanced Placement) courses this year, including two with teacher Jeff Getty

    “The Scecina counselors recommended that I take the AP classes, and I really didn’t know much about it,” said Ingrid, an honors student who went to St. Philip Neri Catholic School. 

    “At first I thought they were just like my regular classes, but then with the exams and all the homework, I thought, yeah, this is definitely an AP class. Now I know this was a good decision.” ... Read More

  • Walking in the Woods with AP Environmental Science

    By Beth Murphy, Director of Marketing Communications

     “Why don’t you bring the students to my woods for a day?” 

    It was an invitation Scecina science teacher Marianne Echelbarger could not refuse. Father Aaron Jenkins, Scecina’s chaplain coordinator, was speaking about the cabin and 30 acres of woods his family owns in southeastern Indiana nestled in the picturesque Whitewater River Valley. 

    “I love our woods and so I like to share it ... Read More